CyberSquatters Meet CyberF*uckers

Morning Folks!!

What should be the penalty for a Fortune 500 company that is a cybersquatter on Steroids? Going around calling US names when in fact they are engaged in THEFT?

Time to fight fire with fire. We have been called cybersquatters for many years. Now those convicted of REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING will be known as CYBERFUCKERS! This evens the playing field! They won't like it! But now at least many companies and their legal representatives are members! Charter Members! Just like us. Except we did nothing wrong and they did.

Maybe we will upgrade their name to something more mainstream, but for now they are what they are!

They will try and muddy up the water with what is coming, but as they are EXPOSED by us, they will retreat. The next CYBERFUCKER that comes after me is going to FEDERAL COURT and I am going to show the world that there IS a penalty for REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIKACKING!

I am going to show via a jury of my peers that when you take a CYBERFUCKER to court, you win and you win big. I wish it was me and P&G. But I will get my chance and I will take it. When these FUCKERS try and steal a domain it is more than property. They are stealing your dream, your lively-hood and when they get caught, the ONLY way to fight the is in the light of day and make sure their own customers watch it!

Don't want to be a Cyber Fucker? It's easy. Just don't engage in REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING. If you do, you get all types of labels and names put on you. Most would just call you thieves. But I like something more colorful. Memorable. Descriptive as I can and as I did right here.

Have a GREAT day CyberFuckers! The greatest penalty of all. Circulation of your bad deeds!

I'll clean it up in a few days, but I want to be on the record of exactly how I feel about these SCUM COMPANIES and the Attorneys that they use that represent them that KNOW BETTER! They CONSPIRE to STEAL and we have PROOF! I will use that proof every chance I get and ONE DAY it will EXPLODE in their face and their PR departments will go ape shit.

And one more thing....oh let me save that for another post!

But in the meantime, here is to RELEVANCE without SEO. Always time for that!

Google reverse domain name hijacking

Google procter and gamle reverse domain name hijacking

Now I have to focus on RDNH but I prefer to spell it out so everyone understands it. I am not that lazy that if it takes 1 MILLION times to write out REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING then I will write REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING those 1 million times until everyone on my list has their own page!

Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “CyberSquatters Meet CyberF*uckers

  1. Jay

    And what should be a penalty for panelists that decide transfer domain name to someone who should not get it? Fuc*ing ICANN UDRP.

  2. WipoSucks

    Great post Rick, the problem is that most RDNHijackers are not labeled with that term, because they actually win the UDRP cases, as in the recent case of, and the worst is that the domain owner of this case will be labeled a Cybersquatter, which will make it easier for future claims against him for other domains because he will be considered a Cybersquatter and loose other cases.

  3. Aaron Strong

    Great job holding the hijackers responsible for these”weasle” tactics.

  4. Melodramatic

    What name do you give the panel for awarding, or assisting the companies that engage in theft and fraud? That’s why these folks do what they do. Guess from some of the cases that have been published, their lawyers figure that they will have a good chance of getting some idiot panelist instead of someone with sense. Stuff like this doesn’t get published all over the news or in the papers, but it’s still a big risk to a businesses reputation once it gets out in the public or something like the Ireport.

  5. Alexander

    Many legitimate domain owners may not have the resources to fight back … something to help small operators deal with bullies is needed.


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