Bing: Maybe You Shouldn’t Trust Google for ANYTHING!

Morning Folks!!

Bing has Balls!!! They have been going after Google and BRANDING 'Scroogled' for months. I wrote about it back when they started the campaign. It is brilliant. Here are my on record statements and posts about Bing.

And in one of their latest commercials they actually state 'Maybe You Shouldn't Trust Google for anything!'

See it here

Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “Bing: Maybe You Shouldn’t Trust Google for ANYTHING!

  1. Savio DSilva

    Hi Rick,
    I disagree with you on almost everything but I must say your support for Bing is really appreciated. You must remember though that Google is not a sleeping giant and they are always one step ahead of everyone else in their playing field.
    I hope you can say why exactly you hate Google so much in one of your future posts since it would really help many of us here understand more about this whole Google vs Bing thing.
    Savio DSilva

  2. kerry

    I think the Bing ads are effective as I’ve seen several on TV lately. I’m largely disappointed in Google right now. It’s too large a monopoly and healthy competition would help bring them a little more down to earth.

  3. RaTHeaD

    i actually like these ads although i wonder whatever possessed them to spend close to 100 million on jerry seinfeld and bill gates talking nonsense on Tv. if they really wanted to step up they could OWN the domain space. i think catching people while they’re on the internets might be more profitable than going the Tv route. jmo… other opinions may differ.


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