Information Age or MIS-Information Age?

Morning Folks!!

I guess I just see things differently. I like facts and hate bullshit. People swallow the BAIT of mis-information just like dumb fish swallow the bait with a hook attached and then are on a dinner table a few hours later. Guess after a few million years the word has not gotten around to the fish community to stop taking the bait.

But are we as humans any different? How much bullshit did you swallow yesterday? I guess if you haven't been paying attention, probably a few mouthfuls! All day long you are bombarded with stuff. So much of that stuff is just some wording to lure you in. Eat it, smell it, taste it, buy it.

But you need to be careful with information. Ignorance is a disease that has killed more people than all other diseases combined. Think about that before you just react to it.

For all that we know, we really know so little. There are frontiers we have yet to discover or even search for. Our understanding is underwhelming. We are at the cutting edge of nothing because in so many aspects of life we have actually regressed and have gone backwards. Much of that is from mis-information.

So just remember, facts do count and when you do find a fact that is against what you thought before, it is up to you and me to adjust or we are just being baited and we are the bait.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

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