“This Domain is For Sale” vs. The Ground Breaking JointVentures.com”Pitch Page”

Morning Folks!!

Progress does not happen overnight. Except last night. That's when we threw the switch and opened the FIRST PHASE of the JointVentures.com Pitch Page. What's a 'Pitch Page'? It's more than just putting a sentence and letting them know it is for lease or sale or joint venture.

May I introduce you to the first one. We now have about 2 dozen completed and Danny will be heading back to the cave soon to complete even more.

The first one is pretty complete but still need to do a few things to clean up the page but you'll get the idea. The second one is the shell ready for more things to be added.

We will be rolling out these pitch pages weekly from now on until we get one done for every domain in our inventory. Again, won't happen overnight. This is a multi-year project. But everyone will see PROGRESS and PROGRESS is what feeds the beast.

The first ones are the hardest as we develop a framework and integrate with the rest of the site.



Then owners of the domains like me, will have to decide whether to continue to point their domains to PPC for pennies a day or point to our 'Pitch Page' and look for the long ball. But whether they link to the top of the ppc page or whether all traffic is redirected, today is when the music starts to play!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

13 thoughts on ““This Domain is For Sale” vs. The Ground Breaking JointVentures.com”Pitch Page”

  1. Francois

    Ah ah I like this flying registration link, very funny and it’s a good way to show that get a good name for regfee is impossible.

  2. Donny

    I like the Buy link as well. But personally I don’t like the little square background. It kind of makes everything blend in together too much. Just my opinion

  3. Rick Schwartz

    It is specifically designed to hit the 4 different personality groups.
    Don’t measure by looks, measure by what we do using this new tool.
    For you it is too much and too busy.
    For a REAL client, there is not enough. They will want more.
    TV Info ads suck. They are on all night on TV and so many are the same cheesey pitches.
    Want to know why?? It works.

  4. Brian Kleiner

    The layout is way to busy.
    The information is great just needs to be presented in a better way
    The color scheme has no rime or reason.

  5. Rick Schwartz

    Sorry Brian,
    Every color you see is there for a reason.
    Where each item is positioned it is positioned for a reason.
    If you are in SALES you know about the 4 different types of personalities and how they block things or include things. What colors they gravitate to what information each group needs.
    So every thing you see has a rhyme and a reason. It’s not geared to impress domainers.
    It’s geared to be effective for those specifically interested in one item. That domain name.

  6. Jeph smythe

    Rick, ignore the hatters, these pitch pages are great and as a sales man my self (among many othe things) I understand the importantce of the 4 personnel groups and how it relates to making a page acessible and easy for ALL types of leads because leads come in ALL forms. A certain mutual friend of you and mine in the industry is doing some thing similar with his domain’s, not announce it yet but you know what? He is clearing himself 10-15k a week. The concepts very similar. The rest of the loosers can just hang on too there dead beat magazine subscription lead’s.

  7. Danny Pryor

    I’m reading a marketing book about what triggers people to do things, and it’s remarkably counter-intuitive at times. For instance, two sets of slogans were tossed at college students. 1)”Live the healthy way, eat five fruits and veggies a day.” 2) Each and every dining-hall tray needs five fruits and veggies a day.”
    From the standpoint of a guy who likes clever marketing slogans (me), the former is obviously a bit better (though not great) than the latter phrase. Yet, the longer slogan triggered students to eat 25% more fruits and veggies, because every time they went through the lunch line they saw their tray and though of that stupid sentence.

  8. GH101

    I don’t think of myself as a hater(or a domainer), but I have to agree with some of the other constructive criticism. The site is amateurish looking & confusing as to what exactly it is you offer. No immediate”call to action” other than the floating 997.com logo which is very irritating.
    I’m a reader of your blog , but I don’t see how this current version is going to work.

  9. Joao

    I think it needs a responsive layout. On the iphone gets confused and on the ipad makes the pics very wierd.

  10. Rob

    Great work in progress! I like the relevant industry CEO boxes and their content on the CRMsoftware pitch page – including the last one describing the future domain owner/partner!


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