2 Years Since First Contact About SaveMe.com

Morning Folks!!

2 years and HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of potential customers ago (August 2011) I had my first contact with the infamous Poster Boy, Márcio Mello Chaves.

7 months later I am served with a WIPO action.

So here is THE blast from the past that articulates how this will all unfold before it actually did.

My friend never asked himself the single most important question. "What is the value of a new customer?"

Since it has been my experience that a bounty of $3-$5/per new lead is paid, then I can estimate just how much this POOR decision not to engage me on a business level has cost his company. Plus the loss of time and growth.  And of course some may read the story and conclude there are other companies to do business with. DUH!!!

See I am about SALES and this was his single biggest, NON ENDING, reservoir of new customers for him anywhere in the world and he poisoned that well because instead of getting NEW customers, saveme.com just tells the CONCLUSION of a FAMED REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKER and then the chips fall where they may. That is the risk a REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKER (RDNH) takes. The fallout is never ending.

But it all started with this post in March 2012:


Decision with this post in June 2012:


And won't even end with this post today. It lives on because Saveme.com is the lightning rod that protects other domains. And that has GREAT value!

And while Márcio Mello Chaves has never contacted me since the decision, I am hopeful that one day saveme.com can become a profitable domain again. But until then, it serves a much bigger purpose!

Rick Schwartz


3 thoughts on “2 Years Since First Contact About SaveMe.com

  1. UFO

    lol,sooner or later reverse domain hijackers are going to pay you the price of the domain (not to buy it) but simply to stop plastering them all over the internet.

    The law firms will have to get SEO in to try to get these sort of posts hidden way down on page 5 of search results… definitely cost them clients.

  2. UFO

    ‘steve fox – I think if they sue you again that this time they will win.’

    Unfortunately most of them a nodding dog time whores that so long as they can charge a client they’ll take the case.


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