The Best and the Brightest are Fewer

Morning Folks!!

What happens when a society fills all their employment positions with less than qualified people?

What happens when a 45-year-old High School dropout has more knowledge than the grad with a degree or 2?

What happens when one know nothing teaches another know nothing and certifies them as qualified?

What happens in a dumbed down society in the face of other societies that are not dumbed down?

I don't have the answers today. I just have the questions based on what I am seeing.

The race to mediocrity.

Rick Schwartz

11 thoughts on “The Best and the Brightest are Fewer

  1. experience over piece of paper

    I never finished college, give me a hungry and a common sense person who is determined and focused any day of the year over some mba kid who is afraid get his hands dirty.

    While my family is pretty successful with lots of education, I would rather hire a door to door sales person who is hungry over a piece of paper.

    2 cents

  2. UFO

    Unfortunately academic inflation is the same as green issues, year 2000 bug and everything else of a similar bandwagon mentality.

    Education mantra became ‘we need everyone to become more highly skilled to compete in the modern world’… Higher education jumped on the bandwagon as it would create more jobs/tenure, finance jumped on because it generated another income stream, The left and politicians generally jumped on it because it would improve social mobility and let the ‘brightest from underprivileged backgrounds confront the bogeyman and achieve their true zenith’

    What has actually transpired is mass manufacture of rubbish. Endless worthless qualifications produced to cater for the ever increasing numbers of academically inept students that MUST GO TO HIGHER EDUCATION.

    What America and Britain should be doing is reverting back to how it was and something that Germany STILL does. Yes, the old technical institutes and apprenticeships etc. Education matters, but useful relevant and applicable skills matter more. You can have all the university education diversity coordinators under the sun but if you are trying to make things that someone else will WILLINGLY purchase rather than paid for by taxes then what we’re producing is mass crap.

    I could go on for hours, ‘video did more than kill the radio store, it turned peoples’ brains to mush’ !!!!.

  3. Steven

    You see this too Rick ? I’ve been witness of the same all over Asia the last few years and I’m surprised to see it too in Canada. Looks like it’s contagious :) and you shouldn’t waste your time trying to figure this out, it’s just the way it is.

  4. Tony

    It sounds like that movie “Idiocracy” where society gets dumber every year- to the point that the current-day idiot who is cryogenically frozen for a few hundred years is the only one who can save the world population by saying that crops will only grow by using real water instead of fruit punch purchased from the drink monopolists.

  5. UFO

    ‘steve – I’ve said this for years on here to. I demand credit be given to me.’

    Its a beatch and a bonus that the masses made it online.

  6. UFO

    One last comment, perhaps its notso much everyone dumbing down in as much as those that can and want to learn getting progressively smarter relative to the masses?

    I used to always look at those that dropped out of school at 16. Once they started watching TV their future lives would always be those of a failed exam 16 year old.. scary.

    Then I looked at the graduate university type who stopped learning upon graduation.

    If you are self taught then there is a linear to exponential accumulation of knowledge and the permutational combinations it gives rise to. Every decade I’m sure I’m at least 2x as smart as the previous. Thats scary because when does it flatten out???


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