is the “Circulation King” of the Domain Industry!

Morning Folks!!

There is only one daily hub for the domain world and that is Along with you other ADDICTS, we load and reload the main page in domaining many times per day to keep on the latest news, developments, opportunities and sometimes gossip and pissing matches.  T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Presented and Francois an award in 2011. Well deserved. It is places like this that propels our industry further and faster and with more meaning.

So another tip of the hat to Francois for making the GLUE that binds us all together on a daily basis. Sometimes the praise trumps the dollars and we take daily things for granted. On the other hand I am sure Francois would rather have the dollars so place some ads with him and put a smile on his puss!

Well done Francois! Carry on! You ARE the "Circulation King" when it comes to domaining and I have a post later today that illustrates WHY I appreciate what you do!

Rick Schwartz


11 thoughts on “ is the “Circulation King” of the Domain Industry!

  1. Owen Frager

    Geez what a difference a professional photo makes- so awesome especially on the linkedin iphone app which uses B&W for photos any way. Congrats!

  2. steve

    Ya but it looks to fake. The old one was natural and now that I am wiser I prefer it. It doesn’t matter because we know Rick so its to hard to judge photos in this case.

  3. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Rick, Francois deserves the praise, he is one great guy! By the way, Mano, I don’t think he is French… he has a French name, lives in France… Maybe Francois himself can tell us. Au revoir!

  4. cybertonic

    THANKS SO MUCH for this kind post Rick!
    I can only agree with you as I spend myself a lot of time daily domaining and in, so happy the site (and newsletter) be the main source for so many domainers to read the daily domain news.

    @Homero my friend:
    All my family is from Spain but my parents emigrate to France where I borned and live. My heart is split 50/50 by both countries and cultures.

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  6. Kassey is THE place I visit everyday to start my daily learning exercise. Thank You Francois.

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  8. Privy Domains

    I had several dealing with Francois and he really is doing lot of work for this industry.

    Best Wishes to Him and for his ventures.

    Also my request to all fellow domainers to please use whenever possible and try to help each other.

    P.S. I am in no way related or associated with any of them , so this is no self promotion


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