Breaking: .PS Registry (Palestine) Seems to Have been Hacked!?

Afternoon Folks!!

Seems the .PS registry has been hacked.

Looks like someone hacked the .PS registry so they can direct names anywhere. Like if someone hacked the .COM registry we would all be at the mercy of that person. A check of Google.PS illustrates what may be happening.

This can open up new concerns as new gTLD's are slated for market.


UPDATE: Tech Crunch reports it to be a "Domain Registry Attack"

Rick Schwartz


5 thoughts on “Breaking: .PS Registry (Palestine) Seems to Have been Hacked!?

  1. Mark

    Another reason why .whatever is not a good idea and why .com is the only choice for real businesses.

  2. BullS

    Some rich bastards or a terrorist group will buy the dot shit and turn into a propaganda machine.
    dot hamas
    dot PLO
    dot jihad


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