Greatest Speech of All Time!

Afternoon Folks!!

This is just the greatest speech ever!

Love it!

Hope it gets your juices flowing!

I PROMISE you will love this and play it over and over again! The BEST EVER!! Of course losers will hate it. Wallow away in self pity. But this is what a WINNER looks like and sounds like! and THINKS like!

Here is the short version of Nick Selby's Speech:

Here is the full version:

Rick Schwartz

6 thoughts on “Greatest Speech of All Time!

  1. Scott Alliy

    Freaken awesome! Makes you want to do something great… Something BIG… NOT someday but RIGHT NOW! Just came from a funeral… When do you want to do great things?

  2. LSM

    My brother’s an engineer, almost went to GT, probably SHOULD have gone to GT since his particular field is starting to recognize a GIT degree as being a cut above most others.

    Their engineering program is in the top handful of any institutions of learning in the United States, public or private. They usually get ranked fairly high by those dumb ‘magazine rankings’ that rely on incredibly shitty ranking formulas, for example, entry level earning potential, which is cyclical and right now is heavily skewed towards mining technology.

    Using real world ‘corporate formulas’ for certain engineering professions, a GIT grad is going to get placed in the same interview pool as MIT, CalTech or Carnegie Mellon grads.

  3. Ian

    Rick feel free to delete my last comment. The YouTube link was incorrect and the automatic video insertion threw your page into flux. The speech I was actually referring to is by Charlie Chaplin in the movie “The Great Dictator”. It’s an old one but it has its moments. Here is the link (adjusted so it doesn’t auto insert into your page).

  4. UFO

    You just know this speech is going to be ‘sampled’ on you tube. Light sabre in hand etc…. lol. But yes, big speech, something to rev them up a bit. Engineering isn’t known for its hype but Engineering is becoming a lot more ‘sexy’ than it was, people are tired of the ‘Masters of the Universe’ being nothing more than charlatans, engineers change the real world for the better.

  5. steve

    These people think they are the sun and they are just the moon. From those few of us so enlightened were ready to enter another dimension, we wish him good luck.


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