Michael Cyger WTF is a Sherpa?

Morning Folks!!

Wtf is a "Sherpa". That was my first question when Michael's Cyger's Blog and interview machine first appeared back in early 2011.  A few months later I became his 28th interview. Now 123 strong and growing.


"Thousands of new businesses startup every day and each needs an Internet presence. But domain names are confusing to the uninitiated. What if you had a guide, someone to show you the way and make the journey easier? That's our mission with DomainSherpa. I'm Michael Cyger, your host. It is my job to introduce you to “sherpas” who will answer all your domain questions"

So when folks are lost in domaining and don't know where to start, there are 123 shows, with over 100 great guests that will set you on the RIGHT PATH before you piss your $$$$$ away. But since most would never even consider this, because it takes a few WEEKS, they will spend YEARS wandering and chasing shadows.

This week I participated in a ground breaking show for the domain industry that has been very well received and I think we are about to see many more shows. The comments have been very positive and one really jumped out at me. One domainer that has been around for many years posted something that was priceless to me and to him as well.

"For people who still think Traffic is expensive, this is just a sample (and i really mean SAMPLE) of what happens at Traffic. It was the best thing i have ever done in my entire domaining life and believe me, for a portuguese guy it is not cheap at all to go there, but it is also priceless…so GO! Great show!"

Thank you Joao! I know it was a BIG decision for you to come to Las Vegas and I know I told you many times you would never regret it and it would be life changing for you. Thanks for digging deep and changing your destiny! Folks like you make the journey worth it.

I would have written this yesterday but did not want to influence the voting.

I am going to ask Michael if he would like to do this show LIVE at TRAFFIC. It's basically what we have done at the show since 2004. But "The Five Sherpas" or whatever Michael Cyger eventually names the show was fun to do and I think informative in an informal manner. Matter of fact, after the show we talked for about 15 minutes and we regretted not airing it. Hopefully in the future I will be invited back and there will be new elements and maybe even some interactivity.

So tip of the hat to Michael Cyger for doing this. Well done!

Rick Schwartz


13 thoughts on “Michael Cyger WTF is a Sherpa?

  1. Domenclature.com

    Excellent write-up, and promo!

    I honestly will suggest to Cyger, to collaborate with DomainingLive.com as we are in Beta now, to take his idea worldwide. Broadcasting to the “end-user” has to be the pin. Not just the pond, let’s go to the ocean. I believe the king is subtly suggesting that domainsherpa could use another name? I don’t know, I stand to be corrected if I’m reading it wrong. I think domainlive.com will be a great one for the show. :-)

    1. Rick Schwartz

      Not at all. I was showing my ingnorance of what the word “Sherpa” meant.
      But that certainly was my knee jerk reaction in February 2011.
      Micheal cured my ignorance and that is basically what the show does. It cures ignorance.

  2. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Yes, The Portfolio Review show was excellent. Very well done. I enjoyed it a lot. My kudos and Thanks to Michael Cyger and the Sherpas.

  3. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Michael Cyger has done a tremendous Job, educating people, from domainers to end users, to techies to business people. By the way, the show was a wonderful way to show the power of Google Hang Outs, aside from the little sound feedback issue at the beginning the video and sound quality was good. 5 people all interacting in a very organized matter. Can’t wait to watch the next one! Go DomainSherpa!!!!

  4. BullS

    Give one good reason why he wants to work with you or why he needs you or what can you do for him?

    When comes to interviewing, leave it to the Professionals like him.

    Maybe you can just carry his luggage to his limo when he goes to his Learjet for his next assignment.

  5. JBS

    Michael Cyger is one of the best interviewers I have listened to, inside and outside of domaining. This industry is fortunate to have a professional like him so involved.

  6. JBS

    Real sherpas are courageous bad-asses as well as “guides”. It is a very complimentary term for the top domainers he chooses to interview.

  7. Joao

    Rick, the only thing that i regret is not attending Traffic sooner…Although i can’t go in October, i would like to encourage people (again) to go.
    Rick is right, you will never regret it and it will change your life.

    Thank you.

  8. M Altaf Hossain

    I love Michael’s interviews from the respected leaders in domain industry . He takes exclusive interview I never saw before . He first listen then again asks the same question with answers repeated that clears any doubt remains in your mind.
    Excellent job Michael. I got maximum benefits out of it . Keep it high!


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