My Fastest Growing Domain….Now Growing even Faster!

Morning Folks!!

in June I discussed my fastest growing domain name right here. At that time it had hit 10,000 daily uniques. When I checked today and over the past 30 days, the traffic is now averaging 14,000 a day and earnings are of course increasing as well. It's a noticeable change and in a very short amount of time. The trend seems to be accelerating. Just a very pleasant surprise in an era where pleasant surprises are not exactly common. It's not my #2 $$$ earner....yet, but it is my #2 in terms of daily traffic and the earnings are still substantial.

Rick Schwartz

8 thoughts on “My Fastest Growing Domain….Now Growing even Faster!

  1. dan j

    my god thats unheard of. do you think domain sales will surge in 2014? I only come to for your posts


    I regged a simple, health-related domain in Jan., similar to HealthPlanSearch,.com and now the name has been chosen as part of Obama’s health plan.

    Traffic went from 1 unique a day to 50 a day and enrollment in Obama’s “mandate” starts in October, so this one could go into the hundreds per day.

    Not comparable to your domain, but a nice little story for those looking to keep the faith.

  3. DonnyM

    It is cool that you’re sharing the numbers. Other domain investors do not do that. And I know what names they own that are very similar to what your talking about.

    Not my place to mention the name as if you all have not figured it out start reading and connecting the dots. This is free info that he is giving you just have to follow the trail and rethink everything real hard. But those numbers tell so much.

    If I only knew which new extension was going to make it:)

    Hey CDOONP- That is my field what do you got?

  4. Steve

    The Jun 20th post you link to cites the ‘coded’ as your fastest growing domain. I eventually figured out the domain that was representing (and, a Whois check confirmed you as the owner).

    BUT, then I re-counted the x’s and y’s in the ‘coded’ domain – and suddenly my theory just didn’t add up (…specifically the coded domain was short 1 ‘y’)

    Question: should there be 1 more ‘y’ in the coded domain you cite in the earlier article (e.g. should in fact be

  5. Steve

    I stand corrected. I just saw your “My Top 10 Domain Purchases” post which reveals the actual domain.

    FYI, I thought the domain was “” (also owned by you). Two statements (hints) from your June 20th post that seemed to support my theory:

    ~~ “I should also say thanks to ICM Registry and .XXX since they are one of the reasons my traffic and earnings have increased 10 fold.”~~ ; AND,

    ~~ “But of course that is because I am drafting off .xxx as an entire TLD and not the .xxx domain itself” ~~

    Even the recent spike in visitor traffic you reported (from 10K to 14K) made sense with “” given recent aggressive marketing efforts by ICM Registry (most notably, the month-long “.XXX Domains Mega Sale” that was just held).

  6. Neil

    That’s because of the genius who registered them…people does the rest.
    Kind regards,


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