Spammers Make $200 MILLION a year on Facebook!

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Spammers Make $200 MILLION a year on Facebook!  That is VERY big news. That is something folks can get their heads around and that is just one little turbine of Facebook. This is the tip of an iceberg of the riches that Facebook has locked up in it  and right now leaking. That $200 Million number is from a article here. So it is not something I am making up and it is probably on the low side.

As you may know I am not a big Facebook fan. Never have been. But I have invested in the stock because I am watching the behavior of many folks. Females are HOOKED!! I see proof of this all day long and a growing percent of men along with them. HOOKED!

Now at first blush you may think this is a negative article. And it is. But not for many f us. It is educating people on traffic. The more they know about traffic is the more targeted they will try to get and ALL paths lead to the Domain Industry. That's a good thing. PURE traffic. Unfiltered. Not spammed. PURE as the driven snow. That has GREAT VALUE!

"That traffic can then be monetised. To a page showing Adsense for example, or to a YouTube video that is carrying ads. Or more often to a page selling some tchotchke and given enough traffic being sent there will be some sales meaning some profit. Once those pages are set up, once they’ve got say 30,000 likes, then they are likely to turn up in timelines and that’s the point at which the spammers can start selling those links:"

“The spam posters get paid an average of $13 per post, for pages that have around 30,000 fans, up to an average of $58 to post on pages with more than 100,000 fans,” De Micheli told the Guardian. “If we consider these two as extremes, the pages we analysed generate a revenue of 18,000 posts per day, times the revenue per post – ranging from $13 to $58 – 365 days a year.”

"That gives a range for the spammers’ earnings of between $87m and $390m – but when they took into account the number of fans of the pages, the weighted average was just over $200m annually." article here

Rick Schwartz

3 thoughts on “Spammers Make $200 MILLION a year on Facebook!

  1. sukhjin

    i knew a guy personally from canada, 19 yr old, showed me his bank statements and he was making about 1800 per day on average. yes daily, from facebook pages.

  2. UFO

    You actually see auto spam on wordpress blogs that even the site mods don’t pick up because they are so good. I’ve seen them on this site and Rick hasn’t picked them up.

    One easy one to spot that doesn’t get picked up is a simple quote of a segment of a paragraph without any additional commentary. The user name is the link, its that simple. If you do millions of these it adds up, why do you see HUNDREDS of signups a day on wordpress sites. sheeze… you can see the bots crawl the web find your wordpress site ….ie,then come the deluge of sign ups, and then those sign ups start auto posting.


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