Protecting You Assets. 95%+ OF DOMAINERS COULD CARE LESS!

Morning Folks!!

On one hand I am very gratified about what we have been able to accomplish with Hall of Shame in just 1 week! Our version 4.0 came online last night.

On the other hand it is quite disappointing that WELL over 95% of domainers would not lift a single finger to help. I mean literally not a finger. Not a finger to help themselves and their own livelihoods. Are you kidding me? Inexcusable when there is a vehicle that can get the job done!

Then of course the same people always jump to help. They look for ways to help. They understand. It always falls on them. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

The ones that need to be protected most are MIA! The ones that can't afford to defend can't afford to lift a finger either? BULLSHIT!

But so be it. I guess I should not have expected more, BUT I DID! If you won't lift a finger for a FREE insurance policy then how lazy can you be?

We have less likes and tweets than we have attendees at TRAFFIC. Less than 5% of the mailing list even cares.

I am very sympathetic to those that cannot defend but I will be less so if they don't care enough to lift a single finger and help themselves. If you ask for help after the fact, do you really expect it from me when you won't help yourself NOW?  Forget about it! Why? Pay forward now for free or don't whine when you have a problem. I won't be sympathetic. I will point you to this post. That is why EVERYTHING I do is on the record. I can just point!

Meantime the 3%-5% that are involved have done GREAT work!!! But this does illustrate how hard it is to move the needle when you can't even get the folks most affected on board. Thousands can do this and that and waste time and bullshit on the forums, but to do something proactive that you can't see an immediate benefit from and no way Jose!  AWOL!

Guys, I am protected. Nobody dares come after my domains and if they do I am well armed. But the ones most exposed are either not interested, don't like me personally or are just lazy and don't care. So be it. But if you won't help yourself NOW, don't expect ME to help you LATER! I won't lift a finger either. There is an 18 wheeler that is very close to getting over the crest of the hill and those walking away in the other direction are being foolish with their futures.

All you have to do is going to and Like, tweet, circulate, link. Going to our new Facebook Page.

If you want to STOP Reverse Domain Name Hijacking in its tracks, THIS is an effective way to get a result. If you don't like my way, then point them to

If you want to suffer for another DECADE, then do nothing. If you help me and yourself now, by this time next year RDNH will be a very rare event.

You will be happy to know I won't ask again. Really. I have tried my best and given it 110%. I won't beg folks to protect themselves.

My job is complete but my mission is not. What's YOUR excuse?

Now back to my regular job! I invested 7 or 8 days in YOU!

Rick Schwartz

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