Apple IOS7 in a word, Disappointing!

Morning Folks!!

Until a few minutes ago I could not wait to order my new iphone tomorrow. After installing the new ios7, not so sure.  It is hard to see and read as everything seems it is using a very light font that old guys like me can't see that well. Luckily I updated an old  iphone I don't use cuz if it were for my regular iphone, I would be very disappointed and unhappy right now. At every place they use light fonts and not bold and black any longer or light white and no longer clear and bold. Big mistake! And that is just my first complaint. Ah, but there is a setting that helps some, but not al. The time is smaller, too small.

Matter of fact the entire operating system feels a little too Windows like for my taste. But I will keep an open mind. But at first glance the first time I am not wowed.

Steve Jobs is gone and so is his vision if this is what we can expect. I sure hope they fix the fonts because right now, no value to me. This operating system is not good!

Rick Schwartz

Breaking: The Real Question: Who Will Acquire Godaddy?

Morning Folks!!

Everyone is on the "Breaking" bandwagon except I am in a wagon in front of the news. The news is news. But what does the news mean? That should be the question. Where does the news lead should be an even bigger question.

So my question is who is going to acquire  That's a much more interesting question. Who wants to get in the space? Answer that and you will have the entire picture. It would complete the eco system for many that could afford to buy them. My take is they just set themselves up to be acquired by several that are on the tip on my tongue.

That's may take. Based on nothing.  But when you add that to the 1 and 1 approach, something big is going on and we are just starting. How much more proof do folks want that the business of business is back and is soon to be in full swing? That's the real story! You folks are in the middle of what will become a frenzy!

Rick Schwartz

The Perfect Storm of Domaining is Here!

Morning Folks!!

In January I felt the first gentle breeze of the storm to come. I said this: "With that said let me tell you what happened today. For the very first time I felt the 'Winds' from my 20 year plan. Don't laugh. Serious stuff."

In January I felt that first breeze. By summer there was no mistaking it. I just kept writing about it. For me as well as for you. It's always darkest before the light.

So what exactly does it mean to be in the "Gravitational orbit"?

OK, here is an exact example of what I mean and what I see. It means acceleration for one thing. It took me 18 years to sell 4 domains into the 7 figures. Let me make a very bold prediction. I will sell four 7 figure domains in the next 18 months. That will be because of things accelerating. I know at least 2 or 3 of them are ripe right now for the pickin' and 2013 is not over by a longshot. There will be more 7 figure deals still to come this year than the previous 3 or 4 put together. Let's just say an "Avalanche" of deals.

We are entering the perfect storm right now. Started on Labor Day as I have been writing about. The great race has begun. Not the eye of the storm, tho at times we might be, but we are in a perfect place to observe that storm and collect the fruit if you positioned yourself correctly. In a perfect storm you need ingredients and they are all there and more. I described it last night.

My posts are not islands. They are a series to be connected to each other and grouped into subjects.

If you are a member of the domaining industry doom and gloom club, snap out if it! Slap!

I swear to you a novice could come into this industry for the first time today and make his fortune in a couple of years. Just depends how smart he or she works. There are ways. There are ways to do it if you are broke. I have seen it done many times in many industries. That is why I have always said that your first deal is your most important. So you can start again today and just focus on better domain names then the crap I see out there. Check out what I have to say about the 2 portfolios on this morning. You want clarity? There it is. But so many are too lazy to go and think and find that clarity. Thinking is the single biggest part of doing business. But few believe that or make time for it and so it is.

I wrote this about thinking in that January post:

"I spend hours a day thinking. That is my #1 job. I am blessed that I have the time to think. But I constructed that blessing when I was 20. I might have to drive from El Paso to Los Angeles for example. 1200 miles. There was no Sirius radio back then so had a case of 8 tracks. Plenty of time to think. LA to San Fran......400 miles and more time to think. San Fran to Portland and Seattle.....more time to think. Seattle to Denver a load more time to think. Denver to Kansas City and St. Louis And so on. Loads of time.

It gave me time to figure out some of the simple equations of life. Thinking and planning not only save time it helps to insure success. My #1 job is to look for all the pitfalls and see if they are deal breakers or is there a work around. So I think about it. I sleep on it. I forget about it and then come back to it with a fresh set of eyes. It could take even weeks or months. But it is hard and deep thinking figuring out a way forward. Figuring out things before they become a problem."

Look, everyone reading this has one last opportunity to seize this "Unique Moment in Time". Domainer or end-user. I have talked about it since the first post I ever made in 1996. But I will also say that "Unique moment" is about to expire. When that clock hits 20 years, the game won't be affordable any longer. The frenzy started a while ago. But it takes time to ramp up. We are on the ramp and the pedal is down.

And not to change the subject but maybe that is the biggest problem I see. Domaining is a long-term game with a lot of short-termers floundering like a fish out of water. They want to argue they don't need water.

You're not far from the water but your flopping and flipping in the wrong direction. You should be collectors and connoisseurs even if you are going to flip something in 5 minutes. I mean imagine a guy opening up a memorabilia store and he knows nothing of the difference between one piece and the next. Between a Babe Ruth baseball card and a Tim Tebow football card. That would be insane. Well there is a lot of insanity in domaining and it is so sad to see.

Rick Schwartz