Online Gambling May Make Huge Impact for Online and Offline Advertising

Morning Folks!!

While everyone is wrapped up in gTLD's, I think the bigger story may be getting missed. Online gaming is becoming legal and that will fuel the Internet more than anything on the horizon.

"Nevada's law limits digital play for real money to poker, but there's plenty of enthusiasm for the game. Ultimate Poker dealt its first hand on April 30 and had dealt 10 million by Aug. 1, the company said in a statement last month. In addition to saturating casinos with signage, Ultimate Poker's strategy includes significant direct marketing."

The entire Adage Story is here.

We are talking about one entity. One state. One  tiny corner of the world.

Is the "Facebook Casino" coming? Amazon? Wal-Mart?

Rick Schwartz

Success Starts with Asking the Right Questions.

Morning Folks!!

Failure is easy to spot. They have signs and fingerprints as does success.

If you don't ask the right questions you are going to be surprised many times in life. Usually those surprises are expensive.

And the hard questions are usually missed or ignored. The ones with murky or even no answers. You can't be afraid of questions and many are. Most are. They have silly answers to key concerns.

I have been involved in many businesses and it's a minefield no matter how sophisticated you are. That is why 8 out of 10 fail. There are always so many unknowns and lousy answers for some of the knowns.

But an unknown is not the same as not knowing or being unaware. Sometimes you don't have the answer just yet, but you are aware of  the question and that protects you from disaster which can occur from being surprised or unprepared for a question. Splitting hairs? Yes, perhaps, but don't ignore that the difference between winning and losing or success or failure many times comes down to that split hair.

Rick Schwartz