New Case Added to Watch List. 1994 Registration of!

Evening Folks!!

Just listed the newest case on the Reverse Domain Name Hijacking watch list at Hall of Shame provided by Michael Berkens.

We now have a page devoted to the watch list.

The domain is and as a GENERIC registered in 1994!!!!

We will have to wait for the info to come out on which trademark of MANY using Ovation it will be. If they got their trademark recently, I think this one will get a STANDING OVATION!

It's a new day folks and all eyes are watching and they will know it!

Rick Schwartz

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Afternoon Folks!!

Slowly but surely we are taking all that "Stuff" and presenting it in a more and more effective manner.

We still have some things to clean up tonight but the new Hall of Shame  is complete enough to go online and so it is.

Hopefully you like the improvements and I believe we are making it effective as well.


Rick Schwartz

BREAKING: “I told them to go to Hell” Owner to UPS Attorney

Afternoon Folks!!

I just got confirmation that may have PREVENTED its' first Reverse Domain Name Hijacking Case!

After just hours on the "Watch List" we have a new development.

And so we will see. Perhaps the first tangible and positive result. This is SERIOUS STUFF. This is no longer "We did not know".

"They must have seen your "watch list" - attorney called to settle and I told then to go to hell....please include that in your blog..."

So hopefully they will either come to a monetary agreement or they will each go their separate ways. But make no mistake, Reverse Domain Name Hijacking is something to be taken more seriously now as we have an outlet that will help shield everyone from predators.

Rick Schwartz



What do you do when a Goal is Met?

Morning Folks!!

I meet my goals because I try to set goals that are obtainable and realistic. That way I get to claw and get it.  And what do you do when you reach a goal? Well the first thing I do is take a deep breath. Enjoy the accomplishment. Then reset the goal a little higher but obtainable. THAT is what works for ME.

Now last week I set a goal of 100 tweets and 50 likes on You guys did GREAT!!! As I write this we have 123 tweets and 51 likes. Obtained both initial goals. So what is next?

Well I am told our back links are growing and picking up steam. So that is of course a huge piece of the puzzle if WE want to be relevant in a river or an ocean or we just want to stay in the pond and complain about the scum.

So on to.....

250 tweet and 1oo likes.


500 tweets ad 200 likes

Then 1000 tweets and 400 likes.

And at some point we will have made our case and we will have put an END to Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. Which by the way I DON'T abbreviate. I write it out EVERY single time. If you want to BRAND, then that is just one of the things I do to make sure I don't leak. Sure I will mention RDNH but never without writing out Reverse Domain Name Hijacking right next to it. Why? Relevance and branding!

And Reverse Domain Name Hijacking make actually go up before they go down. There are HUNDREDS of cases that would have been reverse domain name hijacking today but panels were not as sophisticated in the past as they are today. So cases may go up before they go down. But by 2014 or 2015 I think we will be in single digits. and that would be a VISIBLE improvement.

Rick Schwartz

My Dilemma with TRAFFIC

Morning Folks!!

I can see things through the eyes of an end-user because I am an end-user and so are many of you. So when we needed a domain for TRAFFIC it was obvious that was not available nor could I afford it if it were. How many millions is that worth? Traffic as a Keyword is one of the most difficult to get and that was true early on.

So I had in my portfolio and so it was. Even tho we are known as TRAFFIC.

But this weekend I was offered a domain that of course I could not resist.

Now I may use it personally at some point and speaking of point it is pointed right here for now.

Did I think about using as our new home? Yes I did. And maybe someday I will. But today I can't. I won't. I would really love to. But as a marketing guy.....just can't allow myself to do it. Just like my and I love them, but it would be hard to use them. The probably has the best shot if I ever go that direction. That is the most ripe one from where I sit.

But here is the point. I always re-evaluate. Each new tidbit requires re-evaluation. But this is an example of a real world dilemma. I wish I could afford but I can't. will likely never be on the market in my lifetime. So faced with the same decision many others face I know what I have to do.

Rick Schwartz


New Domain added to Hall of Shame Watch List

Morning Folks!!

Last night the owner of contacted me and asked me to include their pending suit with UPS on the Hall of Shame Watch List. And so it is up. I am sure many of you will watch this case closely. It joins the 4 other cases listed. If you have a domain in dispute and are requesting an RDNH, then please send it to me to be listed.

I am hoping in this case UPS just made a giant sweep of domains ending in UPS. On the other hand the PPC company should not be showing results for UPS. On the THIRD hand, UPS should not be bidding for that traffic.

The filings have not been published as of yet but you can follow it at hall of shame. Or Why make the distinction. MY WAY of SEO.

Rick Schwartz

The New Hall of Shame Facebook Page

Morning Folks!!

Another day, another step. Last night I did the best I could to set up the Facebook page.

We go under hallofshamecom or I am not even sure how to link it to the outside world.

Update, this is our link:

In many ways I am very encouraged about this. In other ways I ask myself how in an industry this large, with so much at stake can I only get 140 tweets and 45 likes after one week. But that is sales. It's not easy to rev up an engine from a standstill. It takes a very long time for things to gather steam. But being that I am in sales I understand just how hard it is to make a sale.

But each day we will attract a few more of each and that is how you move things forward. And hopefully we will hit a "Vein" at some point and it will spread like wildfire. But which ever path it takes, Hall of Shame will be a crossroads and I just think it is a matter if time. Until then, we will educate hundreds of people each and every day. The site will help discourage companies from filing if they are close to the line. It is your way to fight back and point to the peril that they face should they be found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. (RDNH)

Until then, we are putting the foundation in place and let folks see what they are flirting with.

Rick Schwartz


The Press Release Launches Website Targeting Reverse Domain

Name Hijacking

BOCA RATON, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Boca Raton based man launches An information based website that spotlights companies found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH). Reverse Domain Name Hijacking: When a person or company tries to STEAL a domain name from the rightful owner by claiming trademark infringement and bad faith among other fabrications in order to get a governing panel to award them the domain name for FREE.

The website will shine a bright light on those companies found guilty of trying to hijack more than a domain name, but somebody’s business or dream. “Today is the day we begin the end of this disgusting practice. Since there is no legal or criminal penalty, these companies now put at risk their brands and entire online/offline reputations,” said Rick Schwartz owner of the website and leading the charge against those trying to steal domains and the lawyers that represent them. Until now Rick had been skewering these folks at after a Brazilian company was found guilty of trying to Reverse Hijack one of his domains,, in March of 2012.

“With our traffic base and the help of many other folks that own a domain name, tens of thousands of visitors or more per month come to the website and when they get there they might be surprised what lengths some companies will go not to pay fair market value for the domain name they want, is already owned by somebody else and resort to abusing the process in an effort to hijack or steal what is not theirs. To finally be able to fight back is a great feeling and shows what the power of a single domain name can be,” Mr. Schwartz went onto say.

Just this year alone Procter and Gamble and Jaguar/Landrover have both been found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking by the governing body. Not only guilty, but with harsh language from the panels themselves. So no company big or small can get away with this any longer. The price to be paid when found guilty might be priceless. was registered in 1997 by Mr. Schwartz and September 3rd 2013 was the first day it was online as an independent site. The site has the wide support of the Domain Name Industry in which Mr. Schwartz plays a prominent role. Visit for more information.



Rick Schwartz, 561-206-2201