The New “Black” Hall of Shame now LIVE!

Afternoon Folks!!

They say once you go black, well nevermind. Anyways. check out the new EYE POPPING Hall of Shame with Black Background. I think you'll agree that it really pops and adds a new dimension to the look and feel. Thanks Francois for playing with our logo on as that inspired this latest update. Hope you like it! Don't forget to hit refresh!

Rick Schwartz

Hall of Shame Roastmaster!!


The New Hall of Shame Version 4.5 Now Online

Morning Folks!!

Hall of shame has been updated once again. What's new in this version?

We added a RDNH  "Breaking News" section to the RDNH Watch Page that we will be enhancing and expanding as time goes on.

We added a "Join the Fight section"

More banners coming next week!

In 5.0 we are going to make POTENTIAL Reverse Domain Name Hijackers even more educated and especially their lawyers some of which need LEGAL and ETHICAL training when it comes to RDNH and THEM abusing the process. Those harsh remarks are largely aimed at the attorney. They can't brush this aside. It's on record. Not my record. The PUBLIC record.

We will be adding a Fact page of Do's and Dont's, FAQ, as soon as I have time to figure them out and jot them down. This way they have

The first page we got nailed now. It works. It's powerful.

I am still polishing the "About page"  It is a hard-line to walk to get the message across, keep the passion and not repeat too much. I removed "Ass" and "F*ckers" but had to leave the word PRICKS. :-)

Each of them are invited here to make a statement. I have no problem giving them the platform. Would love to hear if they learned anything or they are angry at somebody like me shining a light on THEIR BEHAVIOR! Mia Culpa baby. You can do it. Not hard. You'll feel better and you won't continue to look as bad as you ALL do RIGHT NOW!

Rick Schwartz

It’s about a Common Cause

Morning Folks!!

First you got to look and learn from history because MOST of the answers are there and that is why society spends so much time on it.

So you have a town. Not everyone in that town likes each other. Matter of fact some hate others. It's human nature. Give me ANY town of several hundred or several thousand and that is the case 100% of the time. Go watch "Lord of the flies" and understand yourself and society and how it unfolds the same way EVERY time.

Our industry is a town.

With certain things there is a "Common Cause".

So what that means is that even people who don't see eye to eye can agree that a Fire Department is in the best interest of everyone.

They can agree that the area needs policing to protect their valuables even if they are not crazy about each other.

They agree they need a hospital if somebody gets sick even if they are not crazy about each other..


So there are common causes that trump all the bullshit.

I am just saying get involved. It does not have to be thru me or my way. You can do it yourself. You can do it from you can do it thru any vehicle you like. But are you really going to just sit there when there is a real window of opportunity to stop something that may eventually bite you in the ass? Start your own fire department. The more the better. Right NOW we have the upper hand on a fire raging for 15 years. I truly believe in my heart we can reduce this practice by 95%. I see that chance. It's a common cause.

This WILL go mainstream. Guaranteed! We have already done enough to accomplish the mission. But we can't stop until the fire is out.

Many of you have done a really wonderful job of helping and supporting and thank all of you for that. You have been terrific. Incredible in fact. Taken on the burden of all those on the sidelines and not a one of them even appreciate the hard work YOU GUYS have done. Well I REALLY appreciate it. You folks have defined yourselves in a very good and gracious manner. A seed has been planted and a satellite launched. And you can all be very proud when we see a RESULT for our efforts you will know in your heart that you DID make a difference.

If you SHAME them they will STOP their SHAMEFUL behavior.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz