The Most Important Labor Day Ever! Plus why gTLD’s Give Domain Investors Full Legitimacy!!

Afternoon Folks!!

I have talked about this day and the gravitational pull that goes with it since January. The day after Labor Day is when folks in the USA "Begin" the process of changing from summer and down time to Fall and GAME TIME! Why is it so important to them? Because the next 12-16 weeks determines what 2013 will go down as and whether 2014 is a year they will survive to see. So over the next few weeks, things happen and the course is being set for the next year as well.

For me it is THE DAY that I am on the final leg of my journey that started in 1995. I felt the first real signs early this year and it has only gotten more intense. I knew that the first part of 2013 was going to be tough and folks don't want to hear how good the fall is going to be and things will keep accelerating for YEARS.

Business does not turn on a dime. It just slowly begins to get brighter and more intense. Things happen. The agenda for 2014 starts to take shape. Today is the start of the Business Class of 2013. What happened before today does not count. Spring Training. Today is opening day. Just like baseball but with the intensity and the calculations of football.

I will  point to these posts in 2015-2016. Your only question will be wondering how I could predict it so precisely! Of course it could manifest itself just a bit early. But not by much. As it stands on the day after Labor Day 2013, we are dead on the mark and right on time.

The Internet fad is no longer a fad and being a domain investor is no longer a bad thing.  Matter of fact, our "Stadium" is so good, they are going to try to duplicate it and many more.  That my friends gives you and me LEGITIMACY. Legitimacy we always had but today it is widely recognized and tomorrow it will be widely encouraged. What are 1000 gTLD's to do? Call us cybersquatters or call us customers?

Rick Schwartz

Can the New gTLD’s Have a Domino Collapse? You Betcha! I’ll Show you How. Part 2

Mornng Folks!!

Just a couple of weeks ago I made a post stating that a blog post was not complete without comments. I think my blog post yesterday about a possible collapse of the gTLD's illustrates exactly what I meant. The post and conversation grabbed the attention of Frank Schilling and others and I think we are having a very healthy conversation and debate in the comment section.

It is unfiltered and real and I think you will find it most interesting. I invite other gTLD folks to join the discussion. Believe me, we all want to know what you see and why. We want to get our heads around it in light of the history we have already seen and been part of and our wallets sometimes lighter because of it.

That's what this is all about folks. Respectful debate. A sale can not be made until ALL objections are addressed. So a tip of the hat to Frank for understanding that and not fearing it like so many others will make the mistake of doing.

Rick Schwartz Now Open. Devoted to Reverse Domain Name Hijackers

Morning Folks!! went online late last night. It ain't pretty. It's pretty ugly! But give me a few days to polish it up, get a logo and make it look a bit better. Google does not rank beauty, it ranks by RELEVANCY! Sites don't have to be pretty to be relevant. So more important to get it live, indexed and then polish up little by little.

Now while some of you just think I am wasting my time and won't lift a finger to help, just start googling this stuff and see where I rank with NO SEO whatsoever other than being relevant. And specific. And targeted.

All you need to do to help launch is Like, Tweet and circulate. That's it. THAT is REAL seo. So There is no secret that my html skills are limited. Even cutting and pasting is proving difficult sometimes. But information is the key and the info is there along with STRONG commentary so these companies hear loud and clear just how bad their behavior is and why it is likely to haunt them for a very long time. They can ignore it, but it is on the record and all I ask is for one click to help ME help YOU and help protect our valuable assets from predatory companies that can afford to buying what they NEED, WANT and DESIRE and not resorting to THEFT!

These folks are PRICKS!! Wonder how many of them apologized and/or offered to reimburse the folks they tried to steal from their expenses and legal fees? If they had ANY CLASS that would be one hell of a starting point! Contain my anger?? Not likely! They stepped in to MY WORLD of BAD TASTE. But who has to apologize to would be thieves?

Rick Schwartz