Protecting You Assets. 95%+ OF DOMAINERS COULD CARE LESS!

Morning Folks!!

On one hand I am very gratified about what we have been able to accomplish with Hall of Shame in just 1 week! Our version 4.0 came online last night.

On the other hand it is quite disappointing that WELL over 95% of domainers would not lift a single finger to help. I mean literally not a finger. Not a finger to help themselves and their own livelihoods. Are you kidding me? Inexcusable when there is a vehicle that can get the job done!

Then of course the same people always jump to help. They look for ways to help. They understand. It always falls on them. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

The ones that need to be protected most are MIA! The ones that can't afford to defend can't afford to lift a finger either? BULLSHIT!

But so be it. I guess I should not have expected more, BUT I DID! If you won't lift a finger for a FREE insurance policy then how lazy can you be?

We have less likes and tweets than we have attendees at TRAFFIC. Less than 5% of the mailing list even cares.

I am very sympathetic to those that cannot defend but I will be less so if they don't care enough to lift a single finger and help themselves. If you ask for help after the fact, do you really expect it from me when you won't help yourself NOW?  Forget about it! Why? Pay forward now for free or don't whine when you have a problem. I won't be sympathetic. I will point you to this post. That is why EVERYTHING I do is on the record. I can just point!

Meantime the 3%-5% that are involved have done GREAT work!!! But this does illustrate how hard it is to move the needle when you can't even get the folks most affected on board. Thousands can do this and that and waste time and bullshit on the forums, but to do something proactive that you can't see an immediate benefit from and no way Jose!  AWOL!

Guys, I am protected. Nobody dares come after my domains and if they do I am well armed. But the ones most exposed are either not interested, don't like me personally or are just lazy and don't care. So be it. But if you won't help yourself NOW, don't expect ME to help you LATER! I won't lift a finger either. There is an 18 wheeler that is very close to getting over the crest of the hill and those walking away in the other direction are being foolish with their futures.

All you have to do is going to and Like, tweet, circulate, link. Going to our new Facebook Page.

If you want to STOP Reverse Domain Name Hijacking in its tracks, THIS is an effective way to get a result. If you don't like my way, then point them to

If you want to suffer for another DECADE, then do nothing. If you help me and yourself now, by this time next year RDNH will be a very rare event.

You will be happy to know I won't ask again. Really. I have tried my best and given it 110%. I won't beg folks to protect themselves.

My job is complete but my mission is not. What's YOUR excuse?

Now back to my regular job! I invested 7 or 8 days in YOU!

Rick Schwartz

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30 thoughts on “Protecting You Assets. 95%+ OF DOMAINERS COULD CARE LESS!

  1. enoma9

    It would help if you could mention clearly on that the website will never be used to advertise TRAFFIC or any other commercial activity or sponsor. People out here just don’t trust you Rick and you are surely not helping by not being straight forward in your “scared” and humanitarian missions for us domainers.

    1. Rick Schwartz

      Thanks for that nice vote of confidence!
      It won’t and isn’t a commercial endeavor to promote TRAFFIC. Now or ever!
      Plain enough!?
      But TRAFFIC is sure as hell going to promote Hall of Shame!
      Now I EXPECT HUNDREDS of you to come out of the woodwork or I reserve my rights to do whatever I like!
      So this ain’t a deal between me and you.
      Not good enough? Then fend for yourself because I don’t care.


    It is easier if we all lift the boulder together. I appreciate all you have done and what you are doing… Personality issues should be put aside for the greater good… Thank you Rick…

  3. Leonard Britt

    The thought occurred to me that the designation “Reverse Domain Name Hijacker” is rather long. How about “Domain Hijacker” or even “Domainjacker” or some similar name instead?

  4. Mitch

    I’m shaking my head on this one.
    It should be a no brainer.
    Apathy, it’s a disease.

    Rick, I find this quite fitting, “First They Came.”

    It goes something like this,

    “First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for the socialists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak for me.”

  5. Homero A. Gonzalez

    I am surprised at the percentage, wow! 95% don’t care??? too high. We as domainers need to work in the “Caring” for your colleague, or fellow domainer, department. I’ve been following Rick, long enough to know that he is a “Giver” much more than he is a “Taker” and that my friends, always comes back multiplied nnnn times, that’s why Rick is successful and will continue to be. Don’t just see what he has done with, but read all the posts he has on his blog that illustrate his ideas, strategies, thoughs on how to become successful in business (not just domaining). All free for the taking. I say, he deserves a lot of credit and I for one are grateful for his efforts. Rick, focus on the people that do help and pay less attention to those who can, but won’t. To end, I like to link to the final analysis by Mother Teresa one of those timeless writings/thoughts by a true “Giver” of our times; Cheers!

    1. Rick Schwartz

      Homero. Thank you!
      In their pea brains it’s okay for me to spend my time, energy and over a grand of my money so far on this cause that they too benefit from but G-d forbid I was ever able to recoup that!
      Some take and NEVER EVER and I mean NEVER EVER give back and those folks are the FIRST to point the finger but refuse to lift a finger.
      I have my own finger! And it is standing straight up! lol
      You are right, foucsing on them is not beneficial to anyone. At least we have TRUE clarity now.

  6. M.G.

    Problem is that 95%+ of domainers are not domain investors, but just bunch of jerks. On the other hand, there are just few real domain investors and most of them don’t want to be part of anything what may be used against them.


    I have been giving moral support, and a boost to this project ever since it’s inception; there’s probably no post by Schwartz that I didn’t post a simple “I support you, well done”, and that was my small way of contributing then.

    But more importantly, in order for things to work well in this industry, feathers must be ruffled; I’m in a battle now for almost 5 years to make sure that some “important” people in this industry do the right thing, and it’s earned me a lot of enemies. So, we must all condemn evil wherever it exists. One of them being that bloggers should be able to sell domains on their blogs. Else the pool will keep getting smaller and smaller, where one man makes all the money. Unfortunately, the same man is good to Schwartz, but I expect Rick to still condemn evil no matter whose ox is gored.

  8. Lucas

    Maybe the fundamental problem is that many domainers don’t want to promote the industry to avoid attracting competition. And by promoting the fight against RDNH (in your site and to some extent in they are indirectly promoting the industry.

  9. Danny Pryor

    Interesting comments. I think the real problem could be the belief of some domain investors that they would be potentially increasing the value of Rick’s domain, The other issue is the desire to keep a low profile, to which Lucas alluded in his response. As for, it’s in everyone’s best interest to help with this endeavor, which is the first overt body-slam these hijacking types have encountered. It’s about time we took the fight to their board rooms. ;-)

  10. Louise

    Nice job on the presence on – you go! There is a link next to link at the top, and a great ad on the right sidebar!

    @ leon, I put a link above-the-fold in desktop view on:

    which site has relevance to domain theft.

    Here is the page for links:

    It is hidden under Watch List on the menu tab.

    Maybe – Rick – create its own “Link To” page and link on the menu bar at the top!

  11. MikeToronto

    @Rick I have always tried to keep a low profile on the net but this is different and I did retweet and like on Facebook as you have asked ( from what I’ve seen you have never asked for a favour like this before) I hope you are keeping a tally card.

    I think is a great site, most people that own a domain name don’t know what RDNH is and wouldn’t know where to go to reference any cases its nice to keep all of this info in one place.

    Keep up the good work

  12. Jonathan L

    While it is imperative that we all participate and support this noble cause by, “liking.” “friending,” “twittering,” etc. is also essential that every domainer and reader of this blog backlink the “” website to their website(s.) I operate more than 300 sites and will backlink HallOf Shame as soon as can find the time. So, in addition to social media support, we should all BACKLINK this site to ours! Are you with me?

  13. Kassey

    I don’t use Facebook and Tweeter, but I have your banner image on one of my sites to link to Keep up your good work, Rick. I’m not surprised of the response. It’s the 80/20 principle at work.

  14. steve

    It takes 5 seconds to click the like button. It is actually a well done website.
    We should support this effort as it helps everyone!

  15. James

    Domainers can see that it is self serving, I don’t see the owner of telling me that if I don’t like the page It means I don’t care about it. And every time you go see Rick’s page you have to read about that crappy case, I can see that the Real Big names in the business are not sheep who follow and agree with everything Rick says.

  16. Mike

    Awesome job on behalf of all, and every, domainers. Hat off, Domain King. I’ am supporting this noble cause on facebook, twitter, google, LinkedIn and will eventually backlink, soon. Let’s go one, Rick!



  17. Joe

    Rick, I appreciate all that you share with everybody, and all that you’ve taught me about the domain industry. I will definitely help you any way that I can. I just signed up on twitter, and clicked the tweet button from the site.

  18. Jonathan L

    James, so you consider what you stated a contribution? And, you speak for all “domainers” who see this project as “Self Serving?” You are an asshole who is ungrateful… if you don’t like reading about what Rick has to say, don’t. What you deem is crap many of us feel is gold… you should consider contributing to a more meaningful exchange… the site is great and many domainers understand the man is a pioneer and is using his time and funds to bring new insights and focus to a serious problem. Even if the site was “self serving: WTF, he has a right to do as he pleases… you are misguided and have you head up your ass.

  19. Jeroen

    I also dont have facebook, twitter etc but I posted a ‘share’ to some business groups via my LinkedIn account.


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