Steve Jobs a Little Deader Today. Apple’s Buggy IOS7 Revisited.

Morning Folks!!

After the lauch on the other Apple IOS systems I am still having issues with IOS7 or should I say IOS7.2.

I just got thru changing a bunch of battery saving options I read about on this cnet article.

But the big issues are UNREADABLE pastel green background with small white writing. It can't be seen! What idiot accepted this as ok? It isn't. It sucks.

If used to be clear. Black, white and read to answer a call. Now you can't even read what it says. As with putting the call in the background. The lime green banner on top can not be read as I just demonstrated. Now not ONE PERSON at Apple can figure that one out??? inexcusable! What would Jobs Say??

The keyboard is not any more accurate but the bold letters are now thin letters and hard to read. Another idiot move!

Don't use the zoom feature on the accessibility menu or you may never use your phone again.

I like the rapid picture-taking on the camera. I like the multiple page view for nesting apps.

Did I mention the battery life sucks? It does. I went from 2 day charges to less than 1 day.

I love it and I hate it. I want them to fix these issues and others SOON. I want them to be Apple and not worry about Brand-x.

Steve Jobs is a little deader today then he was before IOS7 came out and I fear we will get further away from his vision going forward if they allow such thoughtless mistakes like this to slip thru an entire company.

Somebody posted this as a comment and may be of interest to some.

Petition for downgrading to iOS6 …..

Rick Schwartz


Real Time Anatomy of a Domain Development Deal Unfolding

Morning Folks!!

It's called a "Meeting of the minds" and when that happens, deals are done.

So here is a deal I made over the weekend with just 3 emails.


My name is Xxx Xxxxxx, I have recently looked into starting a xxxxx blog and naturally looked into I am not looking to buy it as you have made it very clear you aren't in the selling business. However I do believe the domain has a lot of potential to be monetized. It may not become your highest grossing domain due to the nature of the domain, but it clearly has potential. 

(He then goes into a bit of his background which I won't publish here)

If interested, please feel free to email back to discuss more,

Thank you,

My Response:  "Tell me how you see this unfolding and the earnings potential and how that would be split up."

He replies and tells me his plan and why. He states after that:

"One Idea i have, is you maintain sole ownership of the domain, and i have sole ownership of the content(Just in case either of us decide to part ways.) This would exclude the profit made from the content of course. However, this is just an idea, and am very open to hearing your ideas."

I Replied:


"We split profits 50/50 and we are on our way."

He says:

"I will setup a server tonight, and will let you know where to point the domain."

And so we have our deal memorialized in a very strong contract using email and a very clear meeting of the minds. Short, simple and enough to get any entity off the ground.

This is the type deal my 20 year plan was based on and I have multiple ones in place this year. It's a true Joint Venture. Pure, simple, done. Does it mean it will work? No. But it is an effort to try. It will have a chance. It will be a satellite up in orbit and we will see. I will announce the domain name when it gets online.

My contention for these years has been very clear and the only thing between my vision and the reality of today was TIME. Take that deal to Manhattan! You could not get it! Hey, give me half the Empire Stare Building and we will split the profits. How dumb is that today? Because that is the other side of the mountain. The owner of the domain, I mean the Empire State Building would laugh your ass out-of-town today. But if it was sitting vacant, that would be a good deal for the owner and a good deal for the suitor. THAT my friends is what is coming next IF you have domains that not only would others want, but would invest in as well.

Rick Schwartz

T.R.A.F.FI.C. Updates and Final Auction List

Morning Folks!!

Just a quick update. First the rooms at the Ritz go from $275/night to $399/night this Friday. So book your rooms today before you forget.

The final auction list is now online here. If you domain is not listed, please contact me ASAP!

We are less than 3 weeks away from our 25th show and the start of our 10th year. Buy tickets today and get on board.

If you have been following my posts you know things are heating up to 2004 levels and beyond. You know I now belive we are in the gravitational pull of that 20 year plan. There is no doubt whatsoever as the proof and mile markers are there for all to see and the timeline is right on the money!

If it is still 2009 or 2010 for you, then time to come to TRAFFIC, raise your game, get out of your funk and change your life! All I can do is try to motivate you by pointing out the life changing benefits.

There is a reason that there are a flood of 6 and 7 figure domain names sales going on during the last weeks. So each day for the next 3 weeks wake up and ask yourself do you really want to be sitting on the sidelines when there is clear evidence that things are popping? Maybe it is the right TIME to get back into the game.

Rick Schwartz