The New Hall of Shame Version 4.5 Now Online

Morning Folks!!

Hall of shame has been updated once again. What's new in this version?

We added a RDNH  "Breaking News" section to the RDNH Watch Page that we will be enhancing and expanding as time goes on.

We added a "Join the Fight section"

More banners coming next week!

In 5.0 we are going to make POTENTIAL Reverse Domain Name Hijackers even more educated and especially their lawyers some of which need LEGAL and ETHICAL training when it comes to RDNH and THEM abusing the process. Those harsh remarks are largely aimed at the attorney. They can't brush this aside. It's on record. Not my record. The PUBLIC record.

We will be adding a Fact page of Do's and Dont's, FAQ, as soon as I have time to figure them out and jot them down. This way they have

The first page we got nailed now. It works. It's powerful.

I am still polishing the "About page"  It is a hard-line to walk to get the message across, keep the passion and not repeat too much. I removed "Ass" and "F*ckers" but had to leave the word PRICKS. :-)

Each of them are invited here to make a statement. I have no problem giving them the platform. Would love to hear if they learned anything or they are angry at somebody like me shining a light on THEIR BEHAVIOR! Mia Culpa baby. You can do it. Not hard. You'll feel better and you won't continue to look as bad as you ALL do RIGHT NOW!

Rick Schwartz

19 thoughts on “The New Hall of Shame Version 4.5 Now Online

  1. M.G.

    Rick – I see huge improvement, but… You may not like my opinion: I suggest you to NOT use CAPITAL letters/words. I know that use it very often even in your everyday posts, but it is something that YOU SHOULD STOP doing, if you want to make it look more professional. I understand why you use it, but it is not necessary and without that kind of feature you will get better results.

    1. Rick Schwartz

      Appreciate your comment.

      Can’t help it. It is my writing style. It’s the key word or thought i want to emphasize.

      I understand what you are saying but being professional is not top on my list. Being effective is. Circulation is.

      Look, we are dealing with these so called”professionals” when in FACT, their actions are more like those of street thugs. I am not writing an essay to be graded on, i am trying to make my point in an effective manner to these professional looking street thugs.

      So while i will make every effort to reduce where i can, i can’t eliminate.

  2. M.G.

    Rick, I know it IS YOUR style, that’s why I wrote that you will not like my opinion. Actually it is not just my opinion. I discussed your site with about 20 guys that are investors and executives in different industries and what I wrote you is pretty much opinion of all of them. You will probably not listen, as you are such kind of person. Yes, IS YOUR style and it IS YOUR website. Keep fighting, I support you anyway…

    1. Rick Schwartz

      So let me ask you something, would BOLD typeface in lieu of caps be acceptable among you and your group of 20?

      Btw, need to give you a lesson in the “art” of using caps. lol

      You capitalized TWO words when only ONE needed the special attention. -;)

    2. Rick Schwartz

      CAPS Lesson #1

      “Rick, I know it IS YOUR style, that’s why I wrote that you will not like my opinion.”

      So the right way would be:

      Rick, I know it is YOUR style, that’s why I wrote that you will not like my opinion.

      The IS does not have to be in caps.


  3. UFO

    Interesting to see that back in 2003 these actions were running at about 90 a month and now it’s double that… around 210.

    Bet the level of ‘reverse’ domain name hijacking rulings has increased substantially as well.

    I’d say to any domain owner, do not under any circumstance have adverts on a static page that you have no control over or indeed on any website where you have some possibility of conflict. As these attorneys will simply advise their clients to use the likes of adwords to advertise on your site and blame you for creating confusion/passing off and so forth. (You can bet your bottom dollar they are advising to go the URDP way initially as it’s a low cost pot shot).

    Any defendant that win’s and the appellant is named as a reverse domain hijacker, they should print the case off and attach a proforma letter of complain of professional misconduct and file it with the appropriate law society.

  4. Rick Schwartz

    What is VERY interesting is that March of 2012 is the single highest month at 300 cases. That was the month that this crusade began with the case. It will be interesting to watch those numbers every month. That will PROVE we are having an impact.

  5. M.G.

    Rick, yes I used CAPITAL letter, to show you how it looks, not that because it is my style. Besides of that I don’t use it at all. I am sorry, you did not get it, but it is okay – it is Friday…:)

    To answer your question -> yes, bold, italic, underline – that is okay to use. But again one condition: Don’t use it too often, just when it is really needed. Otherwise it will be bad style again.

    You wrote you cannot change it, because it is you, your style. I know it is, but I know you can change it. Life is evolution and you are part of it.

    Have a nice weekend. You have my full support. We need you to keep going, so please don’t stop!

  6. M.G.

    Rick – there is still one “BIG” actually :) Bold looks nice, italic not. I think you should use bold only. Anyway… It is better, again and again. Thanks for listening!

  7. Mark

    I must agree with M.G. about the caps. I am also not a fan of using too many bold and italics either. Please never resort to using colors to emphasize a word as that is even more obnoxious.

    Sometimes your posts look like a teenagers Facebook page…sorry Rick!

  8. UFO

    Admittedly an ‘authority’ site wouldn’t need caps because it doesn’t need to shout like in social media when you’re in with all the other noise.

    CAPS maybe 1% of words just to draw the eye to the most important parts, if someone is skim reading.

  9. M.G.

    Rick – Bold looks great, but don’t use it too much!!! No CAPS is a huge progress in your style. If you can, please change italic to bold, don’t use italic. It will be much nicer. Also remove underline formatting, as underline should be only links, otherwise it is confusing. Once these little changes are done, your site will look 10x better, very professional, compared to what it was before. And keep in mind: Don’t use bold too often! Thanks.


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