Online Gambling May Make Huge Impact for Online and Offline Advertising

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While everyone is wrapped up in gTLD's, I think the bigger story may be getting missed. Online gaming is becoming legal and that will fuel the Internet more than anything on the horizon.

"Nevada's law limits digital play for real money to poker, but there's plenty of enthusiasm for the game. Ultimate Poker dealt its first hand on April 30 and had dealt 10 million by Aug. 1, the company said in a statement last month. In addition to saturating casinos with signage, Ultimate Poker's strategy includes significant direct marketing."

The entire Adage Story is here.

We are talking about one entity. One state. One  tiny corner of the world.

Is the "Facebook Casino" coming? Amazon? Wal-Mart?

Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on “Online Gambling May Make Huge Impact for Online and Offline Advertising

  1. Samit

    There was nothing ever wrong with online gaming, just the fact that the fat cats weren’t getting a cut

    Now that they are it’s all ‘legal’ again.

    Welcome to the system.

  2. Kassey

    What will happen if someone uses a ccTLD of a country friendly with casino operators and opens a virtual casino where anyone from anywhere in the world can come and play?

  3. Josh

    The US targets the banks and payment processors for online casinos offering play to Americans. If they use offshore banks or payment processors, they target transactions coming from those entities into American banks. In the old days, the US government would have gone to court. Now, they just ask and companies hand over data or comply with whatever demand they have and the companies roll over. :)

  4. Jonathan

    Which side of the dot is that ? or should I go to the classifieds under . Gamlng or .Poker or .gambling or .WOPS ? don’t worry I will let Google decide.


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