Steve Jobs a Little Deader Today. Apple’s Buggy IOS7 Revisited.

Morning Folks!!

After the lauch on the other Apple IOS systems I am still having issues with IOS7 or should I say IOS7.2.

I just got thru changing a bunch of battery saving options I read about on this cnet article.

But the big issues are UNREADABLE pastel green background with small white writing. It can't be seen! What idiot accepted this as ok? It isn't. It sucks.

If used to be clear. Black, white and read to answer a call. Now you can't even read what it says. As with putting the call in the background. The lime green banner on top can not be read as I just demonstrated. Now not ONE PERSON at Apple can figure that one out??? inexcusable! What would Jobs Say??

The keyboard is not any more accurate but the bold letters are now thin letters and hard to read. Another idiot move!

Don't use the zoom feature on the accessibility menu or you may never use your phone again.

I like the rapid picture-taking on the camera. I like the multiple page view for nesting apps.

Did I mention the battery life sucks? It does. I went from 2 day charges to less than 1 day.

I love it and I hate it. I want them to fix these issues and others SOON. I want them to be Apple and not worry about Brand-x.

Steve Jobs is a little deader today then he was before IOS7 came out and I fear we will get further away from his vision going forward if they allow such thoughtless mistakes like this to slip thru an entire company.

Somebody posted this as a comment and may be of interest to some.

Petition for downgrading to iOS6 …..

Rick Schwartz


4 thoughts on “Steve Jobs a Little Deader Today. Apple’s Buggy IOS7 Revisited.

  1. Joel

    Great article Rick. So it’s not just me then it seems, terrible OS they have come up with, I can’t believe it. Bang on with the annoying text and my battery life is awful too. If I leave it overnight with the light on doing nothing else it is almost dead when I wake up (I don’t sleep long either).

    Very disappointing!

  2. michael berkens

    As a general rule Lime Green is not a color to go with for anything

    Certainly not on a phone, an internet site, a car, a shirt, slacks, furniture the list is endless

  3. Ramahn

    That sucks. I expect the best from Apple.

    Ironically, has an article titled ‘Apple overtakes coca cola as worlds most valuable brand’.

  4. Danny Pryor

    Very simple answer: Apple is chasing Android’s look and feel. That is the start of a cascade of errors. I have not upgraded anything and have no intention of doing so. I’ve talked to precisely two people who like the new iOS, and several more who say it’s replete with problems they can’t overcome. Well, that’s enough for me to just hold back. ;-)


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