BREAKING!! TATA Group Subsidiaries Now a 2X LOSER on RDNH!!!!

Afternoon Folks!!

Well seems Tata Group not only owns the company found guilty TODAY of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking but also owns Jaguar/Landrover another of their Subsidiaries found GUILTY of Reverse DomainName Hijacking earlier this year and featured on Hall of Shame.

It seems Tata may be a RUNAWAY in this year's RDNH of the year and a new high member of

Tata seems to be a 2X loser!

More to come, I am just STARTING this post!

Can you imagine the DAMAGE these 2 cases are about to do to these companies and brands? Not to mention the Lawyers that represented them and their law firms? More heads are gonna role. WHO and WHAT DEPARTMENTS are RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MESS??? You could not afford to do it the right way? Top 600 companies in the world. Possibly higher by now. OUTRAGEOUS!! Tata, any comments??

Infiniti Retail Limited of Mumbai, India, (a Tata company) represented by Anand & Anand, India (Nice building guys. What responsibility do you think you have in this given the langauge used  and being "expert counsel". Really? So either you guys are just as guilty as your clients, incompetent or you lost control? Wouldn't you agree it would have to be one of those? If not, why not? What say you?)  I think my case trumps your case and I am just a guy with no training. But I have seen enough attorneys that are either clueless, incompetent or not in control or involved in the hijacking.  Read those words and weep!

So we just want to know....WHO SCREWED WHO?? Tata for SURE got screwed. But who screwed them?? Did they do it to themselves or are their lawyers responsible? Or their employees??

Same question for Jaguar/Landrover and Jennifer M. Hetu of Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP, Michigan, USA. Didn't anyone advise the potential DAMAGE they and their clients Jaguar/Landrover brand could suffer if you did what you did and found GUILTY of trying to reverse hijack a domain name???

You folks know I could go on for an hour. It IS outrageous. These domains I am sure were affordable had they wanted them but they decided to resort to tactics that tarnish ALL OF THEM. Let them come explain what the decision make said about the abuse and such. Dance!

Rick Schwartz

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4 thoughts on “BREAKING!! TATA Group Subsidiaries Now a 2X LOSER on RDNH!!!!

  1. UFO

    Rick, the post at the start of this thread is a bot posting for link juice. You should get the plugin ‘akismet’ as generally these posts get binned before they get anywhere being published.

    I know why they went after ‘mountain’ ‘rover’ as thats a new brand they are possibly thinking of bringing out. lol, in response I’d probably turn the site into a ‘dogging’ one for Scotland. (Look up the British term for dogging lol… rover being a standard name for dogs).

  2. Anshul

    Rick, thanks for posting this , being an Indian myself , i am ashamed at the action of these law firms . Anand and Anand is one of the most high-profile law firms here ( i know for a fact that some of these law firms charge as high as $10K per hour of consultancy ) and yet they had the indecency to involve in such a pathetic way to acquire the domain . Now Croma ( Cromaretail ) is a very renowned brand and has outlets in almost all cities in India. IMHO they should pay & compensate for this outrageous action.
    Also i would appreciate it if you were to include INDRP cases ( Indian equivalent of UDRP ) wherein for years , companies have trodden on domainers as well as as panelists being partial/allegedy bought.
    Hope this effort of yours stops this shoddy practice of trying to capture names through these dubious but apparenlty flawed legal means . Companies / Brands should pay adequate compensation to the owner of a domain if they wish to acquire it.

    @BullS , i think you may be talking about INDRP ( a flawed procedure ) – unfortunately it’s the law firms that misguide clients.


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