Business is Now Open For Business. Will You get Your Share?

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Just a few weeks ago there was widespread doom and gloom throughout the industry. I really have never seen anything quite like it and wrote about it several times with these posts I have linked to in this opening paragraph. But it does prove Human Nature once again. So many give up just before success shows up and could have rescued them. Are we on the eve of a "Frenzy"? We may be and here is why.

You can thank the gTLD's in part. In large part. Embrace or reject, does not even matter.



Because it forced the Fortune 500 companies and those down the chain to discuss their long-term domain name strategy. They most likely never had that discussion before and if they did it was in the last century. Maybe the first time they ever had such high level meetings about the subject of domains. And the outcome will be mixed. But I can tell you that the majority rejected the notion and then the conversation turns to the long-term strategy and online vision and what it will take to compete. And it would be a natural progression of things to discuss the .com domain name they have and the one or ones they want going forward as well as what domains their competition uses.

And since they can't buy any gTLD's right now, the other group that may embrace gTLD's loop around to the same conversation since you can't buy what isn't available.

It's just a phenomenon and one that can be predicted and seen but can't be controlled. It has to happen in a natural way and that is exactly what is happening at this very point in time. Right on schedule. In board rooms everywhere. The dynamics have changed. They have been changing all summer long as I have been stating. I see it as a volcano, you can react after it erupts or you can tune in to see the subtle differences before it blows and position yourself.

Rick Schwartz



2 thoughts on “Business is Now Open For Business. Will You get Your Share?

  1. Leonard Britt

    Yes, it is very possible that the GTLD marketing as 1&1 is already starting will generate renewed interest in premium keywords which as you state still won’t be available even in the new TLDs for $10 to the average person inquiring. Given how easily Corporate America spends on marketing and branding efforts with questionable results, we may see decision makers wake up to the potential benefits of acquiring better domains than they currently use.

    Likewise, when Margaritaville is finished two years from now on Hollywood Beach, there will be a massive amount of marketing done to recoup the $140 million investment in construction costs. I believe other hotels in the area will also benefit.


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