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Morning Folks!!

In the latest update, we have added a new section for Scammers!

In this section we will be including Scammers, Spammers, Shill Bidders and those that don't follow thru on deals.

Domain Registry of America is a scam that most of us already know about. Here are some details.

They will be added with our first Inductee,

Exposure is their Achilles tendon until the law and the authorities catch up with these folks.

We want to start with companies and work our way down. This is not the place to comment against others. So unless I see many, I reserve my right not to post those comments that may not be appropriate for the blog.

Rick Schwartz


4 thoughts on “Domain Registry of America NEXT to be Featured on

  1. Mike Levine

    Rick, great job on If you’re adding a scammers section, you definitely have your work cut out for you.

    Please be sure to add “Alex” and his entire Intrust domains email spammer crew.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Danny Pryor

    I hate DROA! What always amazed me was that nobody had every done anything about them after their little FTC run-in back in ’02 or ’03. This is a company that should be out of business, and when anyone visits the DROA site, it looks like it hasn’t been updated since about that time, either. I did extra research on these guys in 2011 after I had to help a client get their domains back from DROA, and I believe I discovered they’re connected with Brandon Gray and This is important information I will get again so we can post this. With your weight behind this, Rick, maybe the industry can finally start clearing these f***bags from the web.

  3. Geoff Akerlund

    I hate these people. They bombarded my PO Box with so many of their junk scams that I finally reported them to the FTC and anyone else who would listen.

    To my surprise the FTC called me back to request more info. As Danny said they’ve been on the FTC’s radar for a LONG time and their days are numbered.

    If you get their scams in your mailbox, don’t take it lying down. Fight back! File a complaint with the FTC


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