HallofShame.com to Add Domainer and Company Section

Afternoon Folks!!

There are some bad players in our space. Some are fake bidders. Some are domain name hijackers. Some just don't complete their transactions. Some are spammers that lie and fake you out. So we are going to EXPOSE the low-lifes of our industry as well as Reverse Domain Name hijackers with a new special section on HallofShame.com

I will start by featuring a company this week, that fakes people out as I promised in an email to them a few minutes ago. Time to clean things up. If that pisses you off, then be pissed. But I am going to expose each of your asses one at a time and then you can go look for something else to do with your new found time.

Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on “HallofShame.com to Add Domainer and Company Section

  1. Leonard Britt

    It only takes one buyer to make a sale and an end user may be willing to pay five to one hundred times what a domain investor might pay for the same domain. However, I believe one area ripe for investigation is that of reported sales and whether or not they are really sales.

  2. Jonathan L

    As a licensed and experienced Private Investigator I will be pleased to offer my company resources to assist in this “low flyer” endeavor.

  3. Perry Smith

    Please have Ron Jackson at Dn Journal publicly expose those involved with fake sales, like the scam fake sale of Sportsbook.mobi for over 100K a few years ago. If he doesn’t start releasing the names of those whom have duped him in the past, then I will be more aggressive about it myself. HIs intentions were good, but he did a ton of damage by allowing people to fake sales to their friends in those scam extensions. Forum owners also have a duty to expose losers/scammers who claim to have received offers by way of PM. I have called these people out many times, proven that they lied, and yet they still post and are not banned.

    That is why forums are worth about 5 percent of what they were…lol. Greedy forum owners allowed newbies to be scammed left and right, and NEVER did a single thing about it.

  4. Bul

    Oh there is this spammer called Alex at
    795 Folsom Street
    1st Floor
    San Francisco, Ca 94107

    He really a shame to the industry. He even spams domainers too. Sad.

  5. qweqwe

    Might want to be a bit less heavy handed with this one
    We all agree that RDNH types should be exposed but its easy to get drunk with power over revenge sites like this and use it to start cannibalizing our own (not to mention, for a few different reasons, you may not enjoy immunity from liability under the CDA and it could be come an expensive annoyance)

    I think the real focus should be on RDNH and outright crooks. Once you start maligning reputations of individuals because of ‘internet accusations’, that’s a very ugly world to be in.

  6. Dom Celik

    Sorry, you are wrong. It’s the domainers who tell the white lies, and play loose with the truth, who truly damage the business. Heck, one guy at Dn Forum used to post nonstop telling people not to register trademarks, and then it was discovered that he in fact was registering trademarks anonymously. The guy should be outed and never allowed to be a part of any community. It is one thing to register tradamarks, yet quite another to bash those who register trademarks nonstop, while registering them on the side (something that tons of domainers do, yet nobody talks about).


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