HallofShame.com Now Open. Devoted to Reverse Domain Name Hijackers

Morning Folks!!

HallofShame.com went online late last night. It ain't pretty. It's pretty ugly! But give me a few days to polish it up, get a logo and make it look a bit better. Google does not rank beauty, it ranks by RELEVANCY! Sites don't have to be pretty to be relevant. So more important to get it live, indexed and then polish up little by little.

Now while some of you just think I am wasting my time and won't lift a finger to help, just start googling this stuff and see where I rank with NO SEO whatsoever other than being relevant. And specific. And targeted.

All you need to do to help launch HallofShame.com is Like, Tweet and circulate. That's it. THAT is REAL seo. So There is no secret that my html skills are limited. Even cutting and pasting is proving difficult sometimes. But information is the key and the info is there along with STRONG commentary so these companies hear loud and clear just how bad their behavior is and why it is likely to haunt them for a very long time. They can ignore it, but it is on the record and all I ask is for one click to help ME help YOU and help protect our valuable assets from predatory companies that can afford to buying what they NEED, WANT and DESIRE and not resorting to THEFT!

These folks are PRICKS!! Wonder how many of them apologized and/or offered to reimburse the folks they tried to steal from their expenses and legal fees? If they had ANY CLASS that would be one hell of a starting point! Contain my anger?? Not likely! They stepped in to MY WORLD of BAD TASTE. But who has to apologize to would be thieves?

Rick Schwartz

8 thoughts on “HallofShame.com Now Open. Devoted to Reverse Domain Name Hijackers

  1. Privy Domains

    Hey Rick,

    I think It is better if you just install a wordpress and plain theme for starters . It is good for all purposes and very easy to use.

    If you like i can help get it done by my team or even myself in 10 mins flat including hosting and installation, (no charges off course).

    It will be my contribution for this cause.

  2. John

    is there a FAceBook page for it? I don’t see the FaceBook icon that directs one to it on the site.

  3. Rob Sequin

    Rick, I just updated the home page at robsequin.com (scroll down) with a little advice against using WIPO to acquire domains and linked out to hallofshame.com and rdnh.com.

    Just doing my part to get the word out :-)

  4. Chip Van Wreck

    I am so with you on this! Hey, if you are one of the ones hacking me and my accounts, can you give a better sign of whether or not you’re trying to hurt or help? It definitely doesn’t help when I don’t know and I’m smart, but not an programming cryptologist or an alien. I’m going to have to treat it like a corporate spy group if it continues. I just wasted four months in work for safety precautions. Please identify yourself and your intentions. I’m not a cop caller, which could either be good or just not what you hoped…depending on what you’ve done. Thanks to my supporters. Thanks Rick! You’re awesome!


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