Márcio Chaves: New Jobs New Look?

Evening Folks!!

Márcio Chaves seems to have a brand new look. Seems I made his old look VERY FAMOUS!

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So if you have linked in, here is the link.

Facebook is here

Notice his most recent job.

"Vice President of the Information Society Law and Cyber Crime Commission at the Pinheiros Section (Regional) of the Brazilian Bar Association - São Paulo"

This must be some joke. A guy found GUILTY of abusing the system with a Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding by a 3 member panel and what some would label a cyber criminal is on some commission about cyber crime? WOW!

Rick Schwartz


5 thoughts on “Márcio Chaves: New Jobs New Look?

  1. UFO

    We need a post about the merits of IG.com being bought for 4.7m…. All as I’ll say is that it might sound a lot but its chicken feed in the financial world. It really is. I wouldn’t be surprised if a 10m plus play is made in the next couple of years so a financial company can be a category owning player…. and the reason it will be 10m+ is because it will be buying it of any already established player because they can get more synergy from it.


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