Thank You! Now my Strategy to END Reverse Domain Name Hijacking in ONE Year!

Morning Folks!!

There are MILLIONS, no scratch that TENS of MILLIONS. No scratch that. HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people worldwide that own a domain name. That's a lot of people sharing something in common. I believe that Reverse Domain Name Hijacking is a newsworthy item that has yet to really make big news. My goal with is to take a common and universal mainstream saying that cuts thru all business and industry and sport and everything else is the perfect intersection to put out a "Distress Sign".

To change how things are first you need awareness. That happens by circulating what it is you want people to be aware of. How you circulate is key. Grassroots is the least expensive way to get something noticed at first. Like minded people who want a similar outcome band together and do what they can. Yesterday you did that when I posted this plea. Nearly 100 f you "Tweeted" and 25 of you "Liked" the site as I write this. That is a HUGE step in circulating our story and maybe theirs as well. is at an International Intersection. It just has to be noticed by one news outlet, reporter or VICTIM and this will go into the second stage orbit. I love taking an embryo like this to market and have it shake some bushes and rattle some cages. They can try to blame me but they better look to those internal folks that made the stupid decision of allowing me to do what I do best. BRAND! These companies are BRANDED! My job, our job is to circulate and move the needle.

So thank you for helping me to do something proactive and begin the process of planting seeds each and every day until one day there is a tree and another and another and another. If you get a cease and desist or you get served with a WIPO or NAF suit and you KNOW you are not infringing on any trademarks, just point them to and let them think about what they are doing. Let them think long and hard. Let them reconsider.

Lastly, the subject of fines. I am NOT in favor of a mere fine! What is $100k penalty when you are trying to steal a million dollar domain? Come on! I am fighting for a CRIMINAL penalty. That's what you do with thieves whether successful at stealing or not. A fine won't stop this, SHAME or imprisonment will. So NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in a fine. NONE! Fine and imprisonment? Ok, I am on board with that. But until then, we will SHAME these folks and let it be a warning to others that WE as an industry OWN THEIR REPUTATIONS.

My goal, let these companies get interviewed by media and ask them why they did this and if they would like to join me in discouraging this type behavior in the future. Maybe share the lessons they have learned as a warning to others. Maybe even reimburse the domain owner for their legal expenses.

Bottom line, I will PROVE that SHAME trumps dollars. I will prove that my way of ending Reverse Domain Name Hijacking will be MOST effective and IMMEDIATE. I think especially attorneys need to be aware that they are aiding and abetting thieves and NOW they are doing it KNOWINGLY. There is no longer an excuse.

And as I said, everyone with even 1 domain name, especially one domain name, can sympathize with our position. They can put themselves in our shoes and get just as angry. And when they do get angry, they will take their anger out on those they do business with that were engaged in this disgusting act of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking!

My mission will be COMPLETE by this time next year or sooner. But even if it takes years, I will be right here! So you can help or not, but don't you DARE sit on the sidelines and criticize this effort unless YOU are willing to do something bigger, better, and do it right now! Naysayers are people who bring NOTHING to the table and have no place in my orbit and should have no place in yours either. We have a MISSION to accomplish and we WILL.

Rick Schwartz

9 thoughts on “Thank You! Now my Strategy to END Reverse Domain Name Hijacking in ONE Year!

  1. Domain Buyer Broker

    Agree completely. Great strategy. Added a link to my home page.

    I am no SEO expert but might be good to link out from keywords like “domain hijacker list” and “companies guilty of reverse domain name hijacking” and “hall of shame” instead of just linking out from “” each time.

    I think linking out from keywords might get picked up better than linking out repeatedly from the typed out domain name.

    Good work. Keep shining that light of truth on those rats :-)

  2. Digital Magoo

    Respectfully Rick, Please proofread that site before I link-it. It look like a great start. Thanks

  3. daniel

    we all support you rick. you are the Erin Brockovich of domaining. lets get those bastards.
    JUST KIDDING about Erin

  4. Richard

    HallOfShame looks great but there’s a heck of a lot of words to wade through before getting to the nitty gritty. Why not put the offending companies below the picture of you and then have your blurb at the bottom? That way we get striking image, followed by picture of you + summary, followed by list of offenders and then finally the heavy duty blurb at the bottom.


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