Real Business Defined: Starts with “No” Followed by Many “No’s” and Ends with “Yes.”

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In the movie "The Jerk" with Steve Martin, he got some fatherly advice on the way out into the world: "You see that? That's shit, and this is Shinola." Basically inferring that now he knows everything to succeed in the real world.

Well in Business everything starts with "No" and hopefully ends with "Yes" or there was no business. Now you know everything about business and sales to go out into the universe. It's the path from "No" to "Yes" that moves the world. Got it?? Remember, nothing happens until a sale is made. Nothing!!!

How do you know a bad deal? It starts with "Yes". Sorry, something is not right when it starts with yes. It's too easy so you have to find out the reason because if you don't, you are about to be s victim of a "Businss Mugging."

Are you shaking your head and wondering wtf I am talking about? I am talking about simple. I am talking about how do you know the difference between real business where everyone wins and one-sided business where you are sure to lose?

Be suspect of the easy deal. Real deals are not usually too easy. There are issues to be hammered out. So when there are issues, and no hammer, "Yes" may not have any meaning. "Yes", maybe a waste of time. When you waste time it could be minutes, hours, days, even months. So, beware of the quick "Yes."

On the other hand, the minute someone says "No" most people think the game is over. Even a so-called professional salesman. "No" is simply the opening salvo to protect yourself from someone else invading your personal space. You have to work up from that resistance. DUH!! "No" means GAME ON! No means YES to a pro!!! No means keep selling I am not there yet. No means keep convincing me. No means they simply don't have enough info or confidence to make a decision and pull the trigger. No to the common man and he walks away with his/her tail between their legs. NO!! STOP!!! NO is the ONLY WAY to get to YES!!! SO SIMPLE!!

Let me repeat....In SALES....."NO" is the ONLY WAY to get to "YES!!!" As long as they are objecting and pointing out the NEGATIVE, you are on your way to a sale. They are doing THEIR job. Are you doing YOURS?

Again, the geniuses of the world have it ass-backward. Finnesse is the way to get from "No" to "Yes." And finesse comes from knowledge. Knowledge comes from breaking the ice after they say "No." Then, without wasting time, a little concoction of humor, banter, finding out their needs and gently getting comfortable with each other. That's the road to "Yes." But every road must start with "No," and that is the wrong time to get discouraged. No is actually an encouragement. They WANT to say yes!!! Your job is to guide them there. Gently, but firmly.

Now that does not mean you get to harass or invade their space or privacy. That dog won't hunt. But you can ask, permission. Permission to contact again. Permission to present something else. Permission to stay in touch. Once you become a PITA, it's over. So don't cross that line. Selling is a tight rope. One cautious step at a time. Selling is simply answering questions fully and giving accurate information. Never lie, never make it up. Your main job is to give facts. As "Joe Friday" used to say on Dragnet when somebody would go on and on and on, "Just the facts ma'am, nothing but the facts.

Rick Schwartz

8 thoughts on “Real Business Defined: Starts with “No” Followed by Many “No’s” and Ends with “Yes.”

  1. Scott Brady Alliy

    Great post.

    I would add if you feel defeated by a first NO just remember
    The buyer didn’t contact you because they weren’t interested.

    All the more reason to keep trying to find that hot button to determine the real reason for their reluctance. Then to position or present your product or service as a solution to their specific problem or need.

    Absolutely agree on the quick Yes! Never a good situation or happy ending in my experience

    Glad to see you sharing again those people with open eyes and minds are getting gold nuggets that can only come from experience persistence and hard work

  2. Erich

    Thank you Rick for this post! I have been searching a long time for a video on DomainSherpa where I think you have mentioned something around the line of “The Power Of NO” in one of the videos (as far as I remember). Unfortunately I could not find the video anymore. It would be great to read your philosophy on “The Power Of NO” in a blog-post. Looking forward to something like this. Thanks again!

  3. Alex Verdea

    My favorite topic and the most misunderstood and feared topic “SALES”
    Lot’s of good info in this post. There’s a great book out there on this topic “Start with a NO” by Jim Camp. I highly recommend it.

    Nowadays sales and selling is tougher then ten years ago mostly because prospects will outright lie to protect themselves; and nobody wants to be “sold”. Yet all prospects convert/buy 100% sooner or latter.
    How many prospects come to you and say: hey I want this name for my school project? I want it for my kids? I want it for personal use? Give me a price please..and you never hear back etc
    So “NO” “Not Interested” etc is usually the “Shields UP” defense mechanism that your prospect will use. We actually ALL use it, everyday, all the time :) When you go to the mall and enter a cell phone store and rookie sales guy asks you “Welcome, what can I help you with today?” and you say “just browsing” “Just Looking” (shields up) even though I am looking to spend 1k on a new Ipone :)) etc etc

    Not sure what Rick’s definition of “harassment” is and it’s a fine line by the way, but You should be persistent and consistent if you are in sales. That means if you sell domains,services,products etc You need to find out what the “NO” is all about. Is it the product?Is it bad timing? Is it a stall? Is it the money?

    If you get this far in the sale cycle(most amateurs don’t because “they are scared to bother people”), usually the prospect will always say it’s the money, or flip flop somewhere in there.
    From experience I can say it’s almost NEVER the money… ;)

    That’s my 2 cents for today.


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