When you’re an Early Adapter, it’s not a Surprise to be Early on the Exit as well.

Morning Folks!!

When you are an early adapter, it's not a surprise to be early on the exit as well. That means you move on from Technology and Fads earlier than those that show up late.

As a group we were among the first to use social media. We will also be among the first to move on. That's what early adapters do. They adapt before the masses. They move on before the masses.

Another one is the amount of time we spend online as early adapters. But that also means we will be the first to spend less time online. And that is already happening. Do online companies understand this dynamic?

It took more than 50 years for folks to adapt to driving a car. But I bet the early adapters were also first to use a Taxi.

And early never means you have to be the first. I have even come into industries last and was able to make my way and make my mark. Entry point is important, but don't focus on it.

I don't think I have ever been first. But I have always been in the first 5%-10% and that works.

But to be an early adapter you have to have an open mind to things you might not want to open up to and you have to differentiate between fads and true opportunities. In my experience it takes some time and thought to adapt. Adaption accelerates with knowledge and success. And part of that knowledge is knowing the things that are not adaptable. They may not even make it to fad status!

People did not adapt to "New Coke". It was a product failure but a huge company success as Coca-Cola got more shelf space at stores and squeezed some of the competition right off the shelf. They never relinquished that space. So you even have to be adaptable when you fail. Failure is a step closer to adaptation.

Since you have early adapters, you also have LATE adapters. Case in point, Domains and Bitcoin. If you were an early adapter of bitcoin you may have done very well. If you are a late adapter, chances are you blew your brains out and bought at $19,000.

Late adapters of domains ended up chasing all types of shiny objects and the vast majority blew their brains out too. Even some early adapters of both did not have a strong belief in what they were doing and sold way too soon and blew their brains out like that.

Why do people adapt to begin with? We get back to my favorite saying: Need, Want, Desire, Value. In other words there is something in it for THEM. To make their life easier or more efficient or other great benefit. That's why GTLD's fall short. It's an example of a Fad without consumers and few end users.

A fad is when something gets hot. When the fad is over, they get dropped like hot potato's and without notice. Early adapters are also keen to spot fads that die. Fads that have a short lifespan if one at all vs those fads with staying power that become staples. I love staples!

Adaptation's sister is rejection. We adapt or we reject. We recognize something life changing or we don't. I hope as long as I live my gift of adaptation and rejection stays strong and true. I simply look for the intersections of the future and seize them. What's the next thing to adapt to? Stay tuned. Jumping on the fad bandwagon does not make you an early adapter. It usually makes you broke.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

My Very First Visit to Candy.com

Morning Folks!!

One of the deals I am most proud of is my candy.com deal of 2008. It has all the elements of what I like in a domain deal. Now, after 10 years, later this month, I will be going to Boston and while I am up there I will visit the Candy.com factory for the very first time. Have never been there, never seen it. But they are now a $15 Million annual entity and growing!

Back then I invested in 2 guys that won me over and I believed in. Before they were married, (not to each other) before they had kids and before they had a successful and growing entity. I like investing in PEOPLE!

Every once in a while an unexpected check will come in. Just a dividend. The last one earlier this year would have paid for the domain name when I bought it. They also paid off the $1 Million balance owed on Candy.com in 2018. It took them 10 years to get where they wanted to go but now they are flying higher and higher and have a very bright future. I am just along for the ride and never hid my intent.

I started with 5% and thru several restructures over the years I ended up with 12.55% as a silent partner with no duties or responsibilities. However I do make suggestions about the site flow from time to time.

And make no mistake about it, it was the DOMAIN NAME that transformed and propelled their small company along with their work ethic etc. But you need BOTH or you will always be working harder to make less and maybe just flop. The domain name made folks STOP and take notice. It was instant credibility. The industry was forced to take them seriously. They got a seat at the table. You can't buy that and it's very hard to obtain to begin with. A great domain name allows you to elbow your way into the inner circle and grab a seat at the table of most industries. Whether they want you or not!

Matter of fact, the other similar deal I have structured after the candy.com deal is Punchbowl.com, they are just up the road. Never been there either!

Life is about working and surrounding yourself with good and talented people. Don't crowd them. Give them time and space to do their thing. Finding those good and talented people is always a challenge! Matching a domain name with the right person and/or company is what makes all the difference.

I don't sell domains, I invest in people and their ideas. They can have the domain name for pocket change or even free, but they better come armed  with a great and solid business idea and a well thought out strategy to achieve it.

So, looking forward to physically seeing what a great domain name has built and where the future leads form here.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Estibot Appraises my Portfolio at $44 Million Retail, $2.4 Million Wholesale. Both are Wrong!

Morning Folks!!

So Estibot came out with a tool to appraise your entire portfolio. It is very cool. I have never given a lot of credence to Estibot. Anyone that waives their appraisal in my face gets their email automatically DELETED and NEVER answered. Rookies!

To me, it is strictly an amusement tool and I am completely amused!

What is stunning is that it shows if  YOU as a domainer are selling to other domainers, you are leaving YOUR FORTUNE on the table and willing to give YOUR FORTUNE to somebody else!! That's just downright IDIOTIC and I have been saying so for 2 decades!

A FOOL would sell my portfolio and probably get less that even their $2.4 million because so many domainers are clueless when it comes to value, weak on negotiations and scared. They sell in fear instead of confidently holding what has great value and they don't even know the difference. SAD!!

In their estimate, Estibot shows a 22x difference in what ends up in your pocket if you sit around selling to other domainers. WEAK!! VERY WEAK!! In this respect, Estibot shines! It clearly shows the disparity! So PLEASE WAKE UP!! If another domainer wants YOUR domain, RUN!

They appraise both Ass.com and Booty.com for $5 Million EACH. Hello?? Sorry, I wish they were worth  $5 million each. They are not! If Estibot has a cashier, we can cash these 2 in right now!

On the other side they show many domains that have value under $100 that are missing 3 other Zeros! So while it is cute and maybe some of you will get your rocks off, the actual value of a domain name can not and can never be done in mass. I don't do appraisals, but a domain must be appraised individually just like a diamond, house, car or other things of great value.

The charts below show my numbers.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

My Blog Posts are Less than 20% Perishable and over 80% Timeless.

Morning Folks!!

I don't write this blog to report news tho at times I do. I don't use it for press releases fed to me by others in the industry for their benefit or mine. I don't take advertisements. I am beholden to no one but my thoughts, opinions and truly strong beliefs. It's truly "Rick's" Blog.

So I wrote the majority of the posts to be timeless. Even when I was promoting TRAFFIC I would make sure to include some pearls that had value.

I started RicksBlog.com in 2007. I can go year after year after year and find relevant posts that may have been written a decade ago but still are relevant and current and beneficial. I wrote it to stand the test of time and also be able to look back thru our history.

My blog is my life's book. I have touched on about everything I can think of. I wish I could include the posts I made for the 11 years before I had my blog. One of these days I may fire up my Gateway 2000 Pentium Tower from the 1990's and see what I can find.

Lots of things have been said about domain investing. I have the time stamps to prove I said it first. ;- ) That's one of the things I really love about the Internet from the very first days. It's in ink and it has a timestamp.

Point is I wrote this blog to be read from the beginning for it all to make sense. Hundreds and hundreds of different chapters addressing anything and everything concerning Domains, Business, History and Life itself. And that is what it is all about. LIFE!

Is your soul mortgaged by working for others and having them own your time or do you own your time outright? My last job was 34 years ago when I got fired for making too much money. Working for other people is fine on the way up, but hopefully today people have 2 tracks. A job and a business that can grow and allow you to quit that job and own your time. Own your life!

Why is life important to domaining? Because there is only a short period you can enjoy the fruits of your labors. It will take hundreds of years for the Internet to fully develop. We will all be dead much sooner than that. The key to it all is working smarter. You work smarter by learning from other people's mistakes and history.

And just as important than all of that: My blog is my diary and maybe my legacy. A public diary that I hope proves to be timeless and helps countless people from every walk of life to look at things in different ways and learn to dig deep to find true answers.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Your NEED is not MY concern. What’s in it for ME?

Morning Folks!!

I don't care. It's not important to me. If what's important to you is not to me, why are you wasting my time? Why are you wasting your time? That's not working smart, that's working dumb.

See John Jones thru their eyes. Stop selfishly looking it thru yours. John Jones does not give a crap!

Yeah, I know, you need to sell a domain. you need to sell a car. You need to sell a house. I don't give a shit about YOUR needs. They are meaningless to me. You are so worried about eating that you are preventing food from entering your mouth.

If you contact somebody you better have done your homework. You need to explain why they should waste one second with you! That means don't waste your breath with anything other then getting to the point.

Don't tell a story. Don't tell him your story of woe with a long introduction. Get to the ending and work backwards. "The property next to yours is coming on the market tomorrow and thought you might have an interest." Then shut up. When he rejects the idea before even considering, just tell him your name and the way to get in touch in case he has any second thoughts. Thank him for his time. That was 30 seconds.

If someone calls me that I don't know and he does not get to the point in about 5-10 seconds, CLICK!

That's why I prefer email. It is a bit slower. You can expand more. BUT....you better get to the point in the first paragraph or, DELETE!

Selling is about knowing when to shut up. Knowing the questions to ask. Knowing the response you should get. Knowing the conversation is within the boundary lines. That's right, there ARE stupid questions. When they ask you multiple stupid questions then either go to lunch without them or look them in the eye and get to it. Why waste your time if the guy is not serious? Let him know you know.

Know when to say NO, know when you get to YES. Answering questions completely or completely ignoring some. The only rule of sales is there are no rules. Just tell the truth. That means never lie about your product! Never oversell. Never minimize a legitimate objection. EVER! Then again never legitimize an illegitimate objection. How do you tell? When you know your product, it's easy.

And last thing, no matter what you may be selling, never ever mention the name of your competition. That's the kiss of death! I can't tell you how many folks were about to make a sale and then mentioned a brand I never heard of. Guess what? The conversation would end, I would leave, do more research and in 99% of the cases, never went back to the original guy. Not only did he lose the sale, he made one for the other team! Not smart! And sales and business and LIFE is all about being SMART!

Here is my 2010 guide to selling a domain name. ENJOY!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 2 has a step by step guide!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Shakers and Fakers, List your Very Best Domain WITH PRICE FREE Today only!

Morning Folks!!

Let's have a Spam Fest!! List your VERY BEST domain only. Must have a price for me to approve the comment. No price, no listing. Brokers invited too! Brokers might even find domains to represent.

Just 1 domain per post with a limit of 2 posts.

Simple rules.


Rick Schwartz


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What does “Studying History” have to do with Domain Investing? Here’s the PERFECT Example!!

Afternoon Folks!!

Many of you know Danny Pryor. Yesterday he left a comment on another post. But it deserves its own post along with my reply. It's not often you get to study history when it comes to the domain industry. Schwartz vs Schilling is now 5 years old. Don't you want to know the ending? It was a mystery back then, but much of the story is written today.

See what the landscpe looks like 5 years later. Nobody got it all right. What was said then and how it dovetails after you fast forward 5 years is priceless. It will make you money because it will calibrate all the things you have ever heard into a new form and formula.

Some of the comments will be absolutely mind blowing when you listen to it today. You will laugh your ass off.  Are you brave enough to go back and listen or are you an ostrich? Scared of history? You may hear what you want to hear. On both sides. Maybe you won't. Probably cut both ways. But if you are not brave enough to watch, you may leave some important knowledge out there that might have helped you starting right now.

Monte talking about .Tickets is kind of funny looking back. https://ntldstats.com/tld/tickets

Frank has some whoppers. I have my own.

Really, some of this stuff is hysterical looking back.

Danny said: "Perhaps it’s time to revisit a couple old videos, those original “debates” on the new gTLDs, as they were rolling out in 2013. This is TRAFFIC at the Ritz Carlton in Fort Lauderdale, by the way, so it’s nearly five full years since this event, which was dubbed “gTLD Madness”. Part I: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYug6bPnDHU and Part Deux: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izsxteuqhv8. Enjoy! ;)"

My Reply: "Danny, I don’t think those invested in GTLD’s have the stomach to watch. See what was said THEN, and see how it dovetails with NOW! That my friends is how you STUDY history and don’t RUN and HIDE from history!!!"

Let’s see if ANY watch and see how many things they predicted actually unfolded.

Domains with value are like Gas stations. Gas Stations go on intersections. Intersections with traffic. They don't put many gas stations where there are no people in the middle of a swamp of an unknow town with no population.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Gas Stations and Domain Names. They Both have Something in Common!

Morning Folks!!

There are so many real world parallels with domain names I never know where to start and it never really ends. That's why great domains have great value. A great location is a great location. Maybe one business fails but another comes in and flourishes. Can't blame the location, the location was the same.

Domains with value are like Gas stations. Gas Stations go on intersections and crossroads. Intersections with traffic. They don't put many gas stations where there are no people or cars like in the middle of a swamp of an unknown town with no population. They pick great locations. Simple!

Give me a corner in Manhattan. It won't matter what I sell, I will make $$$.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Do you Flip Mobile Homes or Oceanfront Mansions? Work for Denny’s or Capital Grille?

Morning Folks!!

What you sell and how you sell and to whom you sell may make a huge difference in your life and your lifetime earnings. Waiters and waitresses make a lot more money at Capital Grille  than the same  waiters and waitresses at Denny's. Not only that, they work harder at Denny's and get paid much less.

When I first came online I ended up with a group of folks that flipped mobile homes. That was like working for Denny's. Then I saw folks selling Oceanfront mansions. They were doing much better. The only difference is one group  had a low target and a low goal and the other saw the sky is the limit.

Same is true with domains. YOU are the one that decides which end of the spectrum you will be working. It's NOT about the size of your wallet. It's about the size of your brain. The size of your ambition. The size of your work ethic. The size of you inquisitiveness. The size of your understanding of Business, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Consumers. The size of your dreams and goals. It's the size YOU put on it.

If you go out and just double $1 every day for 30 days you will be a millionaire. Do the math. Start with $1. Double the amount each time. $1, $2, $4, $8, $16, $32, $64. Oh damn you are a fool Rick! Only $64 after 1 week! $128, $256, $512, $1024, $2048, $4096, $8192 At end of week #2. $16,384, $32,768, $65,536, $131,072, 262,144, $524,288, $1,048,576. At end of week 3!!!!

Ok, I admit, I screwed up. I should have started with a PENNY to be a millionaire in 30 days! I did the example in 3 weeks!! MY BAD!!

Point is, this is easier than you think. It may not take 3 or 4 weeks. What if it takes 3 or 4 years? Even 10 years. Stop being a jack rabbit. Stop chasing shiny objects. Put one foot in front of the other and climb the ladder like the Man or Woman you are! It won't matter if it takes 20 years. Once you are on the right path, you will ENJOY the journey at each and every level.

They always say the first million is the hardest! That's true. Once you find the path as I have shown, you can repeat, repeat, repeat.That's all the successful domainers in the space did. Not all came in in 1985, 1995, 2005, 2015. You can come in TODAY and make your mark and make your fortune.

So buy GREAT domains no matter what your budget is. What constitutes a great domain? A domain others would want to buy. The reason I don't NEED to sell, is because I understand that and I understand value. When the right offer comes, you will know it.

A domains value and your value on yourself and your time are related. Some sell their souls to Denny's and some retain control of their souls and end up in much higher places. It's always a choice. And YOU are the only one that can make that choice no matter how much you want to blame anything or anyone else.

Stop looking at your feet and start looking at the stars. But when you look at the stars, it's one step at a time to reach them! Folks are wired to skip steps and when they do, they always fall flat on their face, have to start again and frustration and anger is the only dividend.

Rule #1 in domaining: DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB!! The day job is what funds your new purchases until you can fly. Imagine a plane trying to take off at 50mph, it's gonna crash each and every time! Keep the cash flowing in from another source until you reach speed to fly and then cruising altitude. Put yourself in a position not to be so weak that you have to accept bad offers on your best names! This is not rocket science. This is having a map, a plan and a goal and sticking to it. Pick a direction and go.

Dress for success. Think for success. Act like success. If you do that, you won't be working at Denny's or flipping mobile homes. You will be living on the ocean!

So if you are not making it, drop them all and start again. But this time work smart and understand the patience you need. Just remember one thing. It takes 20 YEARS to become an overnight success!!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


It was the Internet I was Studying from 1985-1995, Not Domain Names!

Morning Folks!!

So, I was not looking at domains at the beginning. I was looking at the Internet. The Internet. I was looking for an understanding of this new "Information Superhighway" that I knew little of and did not understand. I could barely navigate to a website. There was a lot of nothingness. Every once in a while you would get lucky and find something. Usually back then I used mozilla's roulette wheel in which you never knew what site you would end up on. It was so stupid back then. Before the time of enlightenment.

Before that I was using Prodigy by Sears to go along with my Headstart 8088 computer. It was like training wheels for the Internet. It held your hand. Now the Headstart computer was back in the mid 1980's. But it was BACK THEN that I started this journey into darkness. Back then it was commands and I sucked at commands so I had a black screen most of the time. That was on my brothers "Franklin" which was an Apple Clone that eventually got shut down. 300 baud modem. It was scary!! I was clueless and confused and frustrated. But the early 1980's is when this journey began.

So domains came out in 1985 but I did not wise up for another DECADE!! When I saw the techies dismiss domain names in favor of 182.993.198, I knew they were clueless on what was coming. They simply did not understand business and consumers and sales or marketing or even people in general. They are techies. Blind to much of that stuff. So if you are a techie and that's the world you see, gonna be much harder to make it with domains.

Thru the eyes of a businessman, salesman and knowing the history of business, of how products evolve and hit critical mass, this was a jaw dropping moment.

It was not until May of 1996 that I really started to put it together. Then I would type until my fingers could type any more from the pain. My wrists would be too enflamed to go on. I would fall asleep at the keyboard. Wake up and start again. I learned to use different finger. Matter of fact, I no longer use my index finger of my right hand to type. I use my middle finger. How convenient. But the truth is, that finger is the strongest and can take the most punishment.

The road was long and it made little sense at the start. But oh my have we come a long way since then!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz