I Told you About the”C” Word, Now Time for the”F” word!!

Morning Folks!!.........
Last month I wrote about the 'C' word as in CONFIDENCE. Well since I wrote that, confidence has gone nowhere but down. I can't find a soul that thinks otherwise and is fully sober. Now it is even a deeper crisis.

I lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis. We had drills in school and had
to hide in the bomb shelter in the basement under our desks. It was a scary time when you are in grade school. The future always looked better than the present and the past.

I lived through The assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Marin Luther King
and Robert Kennedy. They cried in the streets. The future always looked better than the present and the past.

I lived through the Vietnam War and all the turmoil that went with
it. 58,000 dead in a war that nobody wanted to win. The future always looked better than the present and the past.

I lived through assassinations of leaders around the world. Sadat probably being the one that sticks in my mind. The future always looked better than the present and the past.

I lived Through Watergate. I lived through the impeachment of Richard Nixon.A time where Congress had a moral compass and did the right thing even when it was hard to do. The future always looked better than the present and the past.

I lived through 21% interest rates and 3 hour gas lines when you could get gas which was every other day. The future always looked better than the present and the past.

I paid 22 cents a gallon for gas and I have paid $4.50 a gallon. $5 to fill up and $100 to fill up. The future always looked better than the present and the past.

I lived through Bill Clinton getting impeached. The future always looked better than the present and the past.

I lived to watch Sadaam Hussein lob scuds into Israel. The future always looked better than the present and the past.

I lived through 9/11 and the single darkest day I have ever known. The day the future stopped completely in its' tracks. The first time the future may not look better than the past. Eventually that passed andthe future always looked better than the present and the past.

We lived through the latest wars and attacks and turmoil and all that goes with it and the division it has created. Divide and conquer. Surely we can't be that stupid? Surely we probably are.

We lived through the greatest economic collapse in history. The biggest robbery in history. Some might say it is a robbery in progress. I may be one of them saying that.

I lived through a number of market crashes. More money lost this time than in 1929. More to be lost.

In my years I have seen a lot and gone through a lot. But during each of
these events I knew there was a better day ahead. As you know by now the 'F' word is the FUTURE. At
each point of crisis there was a more hopeful tomorrow. The future always looked better than the present and the past.
That brings me to this
post. This is the FIRST time where the future may not be as bright as the past.
Now don't get me wrong, I am wired to be optimistic and still live my day to day
life the same as usual, but I see darkness ahead. We may avoid it. But I FEAR
for the future that we may have a head on collision.

Have you ever stopped and thought what happens next? We are at a point in
time where certain areas may just collapse. What happens to a town that has a
50% foreclosure rate and no hope of getting employed? What happens to the tax
base of that town? What happens to the Police and Fire Department? What happens
when things spiral our of control and the resources are no longer there to
contain it? Raise property taxes!! The final nail in the coffin. Before or after the riots?

This is the first time in my life where I see the quality of life about to
decline. Possibly crash. Like being on flight #1549, prepare for a very hard
landing. Only difference is we are coming in nose first and accelerating and I don't trust the pilot, the co-pilot nor the crew. This
is the first time in my lifetime that nobody is in control. Nobody has a handle on it. I have never seen it like this. Never,
ever. What scares me the most is we have yet to see even the completion of the
first phase of fallout from all this. It takes TIME to manifest itself. The
manifestation is gonna be one ugly motherf***er. So the future I see is in
jeopardy. The future I see can turn really bad. The future I see has a fork in
the road. One path leads to disaster. The other path flirts with it but barely
skims over it. That is about where we are at.

The very foundation of our economic system is in shambles and the same
PRICKS and CROOKS that got us there are now in charge of getting us out. That is
a near impossibility. Then add the crooks in Congress. Dog and Pony shows. Grandstanding. Then add the government
sure to screw it all up and what we have is a 'Happy moment' followed by many
years of strife.

So the FUTURE is my new 'F' word. You can minimize this all you want, but
you will soon concede as events will override things. We do have about a 25%
chance of missing the worst of it. But only 25% and be on the lookout for a blip
up before the final bombshell and BIG crash.Our economic ship is in a fog. The compasses are all spinning pointing everywhere and nowhere. It's like watching a tragedy in slow motion. The worst, is domainers think things are so good it can't affect them. That is where they are wrong. If you are not ahead of the events to come, the events will swallow you up and spit you out. The pitfalls are so many and so deep that if you don't pay attention every day you are not going to have the tools to thrive and survive.

Sorry folks, I like being upbeat. But reality always trumps everything
else. It is the first time in my life where I see a juncture of a better yesterday than a better tomorrow. It PAINS me to say something like that. It really does. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best and expect something
pretty bad. No matter how good things may be for you personally, when half the houses in your neighborhood are boarded up and 1 out of 8 people you know are unemployed, it will affect you. You could describe it as a hurricane. Even tho you are in a home (or industry) that is safe, has impact windows. will survive the storm does not mean you get away unscathed. When your neighbors are less prepared or have older homes without protection (Income and savings) and you walk outside your home after the storm, your home may be fine, but the neighborhood is destroyed. You can't sit there and tell me it has no affect on the quality of YOUR life. Your future is linked to the fortunes of others .

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

13 thoughts on “I Told you About the”C” Word, Now Time for the”F” word!!

  1. mike cohen

    Man ooh man, that is deep..
    I got a place down in Miami Beach — if anything I can move down there — I gOt my ass covered :p
    Right now I think it’s tough to think about the FUTURE when everything is uncertain and many are going to play it day by day but those that will jump on opportunities need to wait it out in my opinion, there are going to be better deals to be had on EVERYTHING.. not jsut domains, but real estate, stocks, etc.
    I’m waiting patiently for things to play out… I am still going aggressively after deals that are too good to pass up but I am investing more cautiously than ever before and I am doing so LONG TERM.. No flipping. No second guessing either… Either good enough for long term at the highest ROI or not even goin to touch it.
    We’ll see how we do in a year or two.. will be intersting:)

  2. Scott Alliy

    Thanks for the thought inspiring post and trip down memory lane (tongue in cheek).
    You perfectly described why and what many people, consumers and business owners alike are feeling. For the opportunistic among us this is the time to think of others and what they want and how each of us can help them get what they want.
    People (none of us) want to be scared and stressed and if we think there is a product or service that can help us feel better then we will buy it pronto!
    The question that each of us who engage in business or offer a product or service need to ask ourselves today and each day is”Who is suffering and how can my product or service satisfy their needs?” And as I have wrote many times always remember”The future belongs to those who see it first, and ACT on it”!

  3. Terence Chan

    Rick, I’ve never seen you so depressed, damn. Go take a Laxapro, slough a couple of Chivas, and don’t read the friggen news for a year. Everyone around the world is fucking facing this uncertainty and wealth collapse, you are not alone and being one up with the Joneses is out of fashion. Thank god your account balance is healthy, when millions around the world is in deap financial shit.

  4. Johnny

    They just laid off a whole bunch of nurses and a couple surgeons at a local hospital near me.
    The health care industry is supposed to be somewhat insulated and projected as a great career for the future, but my local paper quoted the hospital as saying folks were not coming in as often anymore.
    When the population is putting off going to the doctor…..you know it is getting bad.
    My big question is when is the big bust? Summer? Fall? Winter? Sooner?
    I’m just glad I live where I can shoot deer and catch fish and grow some crops. Even though I have some savings…..it is still a comforting feeling to have access to a potential food supply no matter what happens.
    @ Mike….If all hell breaks loose….I’m not sure I would want to be in Miami Beach. I guess you would have all the women, but I would have all the food. Maybe we can work out a deal. :)

  5. Dave M.

    Most people fail to recognize that civilization, as we know it, hangs by a thread.
    Not since the great depression have we had to wonder whether that fragile economic strand supporting the monetary underpinnings of our society can handle the additional weight brought to bear by incompetence, greed and outright fraud – or whether it will snap like a 10 pound test line wedged in the mouth of an 850 lb. blue marlin making a frantic run for the open sea.
    No doubt, those who believe we have nothing to fear but fear itself are unfamiliar with the work of Gerald Celente:

  6. RegFeeNames.com

    This is a great post Rick, I dont think you need to chill out like the others are saying.
    Im glad you are so aggressive in your approach because too many others are far too laid back.
    The world isnt going to end even though it does feel that way – The FUTURE is going to be tough we all need to plan ahead and we shall live through this.
    Good Luck to everyone!

  7. EarnBig

    Wow Rick, I can’t believe your slipping at this stage!
    What you don’t want to be doing is instating a sense of depression on everyone who reads. I thought your whole objective was to keep the feel good factor within this industry so that newcomers and investors don’t get put off.
    Pick yourself up man and keep stuff like this to yourself..

  8. owen frager

    Rick’s RIGHT! But he forgot to remind everyone what happens when they unlock the doors to the prisons and walk away because there is no money to support them. Just like in the movies. Just like in California in reality where in the movies its own Governor played a factious role that’s close to soon-to-be-realized fact.

  9. Jeremy Sviben

    There is 7-8 Trillion dollars on the side lines waiting to be invested . This will occur when a housing plan gets digested.
    America is still the place to invest due to it’s dynamic and diverse base and ultimately its democratic government. However, I do think in a couple of generations from now this type of crises will be harder to overcome (Do to a more developed international GDP base). Most people in other country’s would still jump at the chance to try a life in America. The real majority of Americans …the do-ers not go with the flow-ers are alive and well….Most of them voted in the last election. This type of American does not quit till the job is ethically done and balance has been considered. This type of American is not interesting to the media outlets.However, I am…we are here starting to invest in green emerging growth technology. The shift is on and the market has the potential to redistribute wealth. This market is a multi- trillion dollar market. I live by the stage motto you are only as good as your last show regardless of how old you are or how long you have worked at a project. The only thing human beings should think they deserve is respect. One more point about the financiers who packaged those bad loans. We all have a friend or family member who no matter how much we tried to help them they just only cared about themselves. America had the unfortunate bad luck of having a pool of them gather together at that moment and time.Rick you are a great guy from what I can tell … but this housing crises does not compare (at least in my mind)to wars. We are going to grow from this as a human international race.
    Reinvention is exhilarating,
    I promise. Now go hug somebody you care about and please get back to thinking about the future. We need your wisdom to blend with our enthusiasm.Thanks again for sharing your genuine post. All my respect.

  10. Jeremy Sviben

    Rick, Can you email me when you get a moment. I have a emerging growth network of domains I would like to run by you. I am wondering if you would be as excited as I am about this channel? You can give me the nope if you do not like the direction! Jeremy


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