The last in the Series……Now the”T” word………

Morning Folks!!

Our society is based on one word. Our entire civilization is based on one
word. The free enterprise system is based on one word. Now in the past month I
have talked bout the 'C' word as in 'Confidence' and the 'F' word as in the
'Future.' But on the foundation of those two and bigger than those two is the
'T' word as in 'TRUST.' The trust is being broken at every level.

We see it in the domain business with the shenanigans that have gone on
with some companies stepping over the line. We see it on Wall Street cuz they
are full of shit. We see it in the banking industry as they are full of shit. I
wouldn't trust these guys to give me the right time of day. We see it in
congress and every level of government. How many governors had to resign in the
past year?

So trust is the central nerve system of everything and I see evaporating
trust and with damn good reason. How could you trust these clowns with the facts
we already have?

Here is what I do trust. I trust Congress to do whatever is needed to cover
their asses while exposing ours. I trust the government to waste most of the
bailout. I trust the TARP $$ are gone forever. I trust that taxes will be going
higher. I trust the value of all currencies will be going lower. I trust gold is
a pain in the ass then, now and always. I trust that the stock market will
eventually be relocated to Las Vegas where I trust the odds are much

So I still trust a lot of things. But the trust is a negative trust.

Confidence, future and trust are the 3 legs of the stool. Any problem with one of the 3 leads to a collapse. Problems with 3 out of 3 exposes us to something much worse
So now I am on record. That was what I wanted to accomplish and I did. I posted about this privately this summer. What I said then was more unlikely to happen. Well it happened and if anything, I underestimated the fallout. Don't make the same mistake.
So when will the FUTURE be brighter? When CONFIDENCE and TRUST return to the system. When will that be? Well if the Frankie Valli concert I went to was any indication, not for a while. Not for a long while. Years not months.
Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz!

11 thoughts on “The last in the Series……Now the”T” word………

  1. Steven Richards

    rant rant rant – lost some money recently because you trusted them. Didnt see that one coming, ye who sees all

  2. Danny Pryor

    Three legs of the same stool are crumbling under tail. I had a thought: Following the apathy in the local elections in Fort Lauderdale Tuesday, I think the people who are supposed to take responsibility for their own government are a bunch of stools … and they stink. Grab some Charmin and make sure to wash afterward; the real stool has yet to hit the fan. But as I’ve written privately, I’m still optimistic. You have to be optimistic to want to stay in for the long haul. I trust in my optimism. I trust in yours, too, Rick.
    @ Steven … Who could have seen this one? Did you?

  3. Scott Alliy

    I can’t speak to what has or will happen but I can share some insight about what I have done thanks to my PMA studies to handle significant events.
    When I had a near death experience and major operation I could not stand. One day I stood, then took one step and another, 33 years later I am fine.
    When my partner embezzled a large sum of money and abruptly left our company leaving us penniless and confused I was certainly wobbled, stressed and confused. I set a goal not to run a million dollar company but to get through each day. Day after day we got stronger and today my company is more efficient and profitable then we were on that horrific day in 2006.
    So, here is a new word, it is called Underload. Underload is the opposite of overload. It is the unique frame of mind that veteran NFL quarterbacks can bring themselves into that rookie quarterbacks cannot. Rookies tell often of their experience as the NFL game being so much faster than college yet the veteran QB are able to slow it down even though it is the same opposing team rushing.
    And so I suggest to all who read this to slow it down to go into underload, to minimize (not totaly ignore) exposure to all the negative news about Washington, and the suicide bombings and tragic catastrophes and to make getting through this day their sole purpose, then tomorrow, then the next day.
    BTW the future IMO is the internet and barring a collision with another planet all domainers who had the foresight to acquire Internet real estate aka domain names should be proud of their decision and know that unlike other forms of investments their investment has a known downside and an unlimited upside.


    There are very few people in life I Trust.
    Here is my list
    Alan & Sandra (Parents)
    Maggi (Fiance)
    Vikki (Sister)
    Honey (My Dog)
    Four Close friends who I wont name apart from that I dont TRUST anyone.
    Trust has to be gained, you need to earn it!
    Too many people now a days trust far too easily!
    I dont think anyone at this present time Trusts there Bank! I certainly dont!
    Well thats my rant!

  5. Gazzip

    Great to see regular and very accurate posts again but please don’t stop the series there, you missed out the G word – Greed !
    Hell I’m sure you could do the whole alphabet on this one its such a huge scew-up.

  6. Richard St Cyr

    I will trust over a dog over a politician anyday. There is but one thing that will get us out of this mess and that is the housing market. It was responsible for the crash and can get us out, not with this stupid stimulus (more like pork barrel spending. Jimmy carter, and Clinton, Barney frank are some of the main players in this mess. What this country needs is term limits for some of these CLOWNS!!! and I mean it
    Have a good day
    Dick St Cyr

  7. Andrew

    Communism failed, as ultimately our form of Capitalism will, as they both erroneously presumed the true impact of human nature on its economic models:
    Communism misjudged -to great societal detriment- the lack of overall economic productivity and wealth generation that occurs over time when, by its DNA, humans become unmotivated without personal gain by individual incentives.
    Capitalism misjudges the natural human progression of the strong individual incentive value that’s at its DNA. Initially productive and a wealth generator, over time an individual incentive model is sustainable only at the increasing expense of – and at great detriment to – the entire society.
    Only when true human nature is properly configured in a model can better results be achieved.

  8. David Sloan

    I agree 100%! This country has only survived as long as it has because of the people continuing to try to make it work in-spite of the government. Government officials are are the problem not the solution. I have never seen so many slimeballs as we have in government today – it’s sickening.

  9. Successclick

    TRUST is a word that applies to people who have proved it to you at least once.
    We Americans allowed a president and his evil puppet handler to preside over our company because we believed in the word”trust” without actually applying it to the people in control, because we’re SCARED of having to deal with chaos and consequences of change.
    Now we have a new face and a new team as president. He sold us a bill of goods, including”trust”. I hope and pray our new president can just keep us focused on TRUST, as Rick points out.
    Nice article, Rick.


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