NBC’s Big Superbowl lie??!!

Morning folks!!

It's the 4th quarter and what started as a post on reviews of the Superbowl
ads got derailed by the possible lie that NBC is circulating about the ads sold
and prices paid.

I counted at least 20 some odd commercials of the 67 ads sold that were to
companies related to NBC. Plus the NFL ads that are obviously gratis and part
of any package they put together. The dirty little secret is while NBC ran
around saying they sold all 67 slots at a record amount, reality seems like it could be a
flat out LIE! Were THEY the #1 advertiser? Their related companies bought nearly one third of their own advertising slots. It seems like they billed their inflated rates to
look good and keep the rates high for other advertisers. It may be that they screwed their own
customers. That may be the reality of things.

So the story was not who had the best ad or who had the most wasteful ad.
It may have been the outright deception of NBC putting a happy face on a face of lies.
That's the kind of crap that got us to where we are in the first place.
And, if there were 67 ads in addition to the 20 something by NBC companies....then
Nevermind. ;-)
Have a GREAT Day!
PS: The Godaddy 2 minute warning ad was very good and the Doritos ones were very funny.

3 thoughts on “NBC’s Big Superbowl lie??!!

  1. David J Castello

    Did you notice that the marketing agencies were branding their commercials instead of their clients! The Pepsi commercial promoted RefreshYourself.com and Doritos promoted SnackSomethingSomething.com (I can’t remember the site and I guarantee no one else did). Furthermore, there were two dotNet sites in the ads. A rank amateur knows more people will default to LandOfTheLost.com than the LandOfTheLost.net in the commercial. It’s amazes me that in 2009 Corporate America and Madison Avenue are still this clueless.


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