Rick’s Incredible economic plan…….Let’s give them Seattle

Good Morning Folks!!

Let's give them Seattle. You heard it right. You heard it here
first! This is no joke. Well kinda. Let's give them Seattle. They are
'Sleepless' in Seattle anyway, so let's give Seattle to China. See I
figure the value of Seattle would pay off the debt we owe to China if
we do it by midnight tonight. That would solve our economic problem.
Outrageous you scream! Come on Seattle, get a sense of humor. I thought
about Wichita but that would not pay enough of the debt. Los Angeles
was an option but so many of the parking companies are there. San
Francisco would give us a credit from China but I don't trust them to
pay it back. So Seattle for now. But we must do it by midnight or we
have to throw in Tacoma if we wait until tomorrow.
New York was a consideration and we will probably be forced to give them
New York City in about 3 years. Now if we wait 5 years San Francisco won't be
enough. We will likely have to give them the entire state of California. So I
say act now before we get swallowed up completely and have to give them the
entire Louisiana Purchase.

Sad ain't it?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on “Rick’s Incredible economic plan…….Let’s give them Seattle

  1. James

    I remember a few years back (maybe 10-12) when Japanese real estate values were in a bubble – there was a palace in Tokyo with grounds of about 70 acres. Working on a square foot basis, it was worth more than California!

  2. Kevin

    All joking aside, and as far fetched as it sounds, at the rate this country is going it may actually come down to doing that.
    From the last figure I heard foreigners already own $15 Trillion of US based assets such as real estate, stocks, treasury notes, businesses, etc. So selling them some cities would probably do very well.

  3. Gazzip

    LOL, sad but true
    They would probably take Florida cos its nice and sunny down there! :)
    Any idea how many trillion America owes china just now ?

  4. Lavin Punjabi

    Rick, that’s hilarious (at first thought) and ingenious. I read your posts all the time, but this is the first one that got me to comment.


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