Test, Experiment, Test again, Experiment, Test, Test, Test

Morning folks!!
How often do you test and experiment and change parking companies or other
ways to monetize with the traffic you have? Do you just leave your traffic at the same place month after month? Maybe even year after year. Show me someone who does not test and I will show you someone that is making much less than they should.

It always amazes me how little testing many domainers do. I started testing 14
years ago and I have never stopped. Ya know how you expect higher prices for the
same merchandise at different stores, well parking companies are the same. You
have to know which ones will eat your traffic and not spit out revenue. The
variance in payouts is staggering. It is not uncommon for it to be 2x, 3x, 4x
and even more. Some companies consistently pay lower. Some just on certain names
or categories. Some pay higher. Do you know which ones?

The best way to earn without the hard work is a direct deal with an end user. That trumps
anything you can make on ppc and many times anything you can do yourself. Now
that the net is getting more sophisticated and end users are beginning to
understand that a million visitors with no sales is not as good as 5 visitors
with 1 sale. So while PPC is not what it was, the end user is finally worth
contacting. The point is you can never really rest. You need to watch those stats and you need to understand that your day job is squeezing as much revenue out as possible. How much money are you leaving on the table?
Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz.

4 thoughts on “Test, Experiment, Test again, Experiment, Test, Test, Test

  1. Anunt

    Now that the parking revenues are down for most people…alot of people are trying new things with their domains and should keep on trying until you find something that makes you good money!
    I fully agree with Rick that this is a good time to Test, Experiment, Test again, Experiment, Test, Test, Test…etc.

  2. Sergej Lebedew

    Hello Rick,
    you have absolutely right!
    All parking companies says: “the most comprehensive statistics and highest pay rates of any domain and traffic management service provider on the Internet.”
    Which company find you is the best?
    Best regards,

  3. Johnny

    The probelm with parking is that testing takes a whole lot of time….especially if you include optimization at each parking company.
    It’s also overwhelming to do testing b/c then there is no time left for buying domains and other related work.

  4. gloria

    hola Rick. in spanish.
    Me encanta lo que escribes, soy una señora de 64 años, jubilada, de Venezuela, a quien le encanta el mundo de los dominios y que con mucho esfuerzo,( no domino el idioma ingles) he aprendido algo sobre los dominios y he comprado algunos.
    El asunto es que necesito vender unos cuantos para poder mantener los otros y no logro saber como hacerlo ya que por ejemplo en SEDO, nunca me han colocado uno en subasta…la verdad es que me gustaria que me orientaras sobre como vender y donde…
    Por favor traduce este escrito con algun traductor online.
    Yo hare lo mismo cuando me contestes.


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