T.R.A.F.F.I.C. presents”Industry Shake up and Wake up”

Good Afternoon Folks!!
I don't usually post the contents of what I send out to our TRAFFIC mailing list. However some snippets are out there and the subject matter at Silicon Valley will affect everyone in the industry so I think I will post for all to see in full so is does not get spun too far from the intent. This is a pivotal moment in the evolution of our industry. I have not publicized this before because I wanted the other shows to do what they do and focus on what they want. Then we could come and articulate what we have in store for Silicon Valley and beyond and how this will move everyone forward and help our bottom lines. This is a serious show for serious times.
Good Afternoon Folks!

We didn't want to bother you again until we announce the
schedule next month. However, I can tell you that we are not
working on business as usual. We are working on presentations that will
lead to changing the dynamics of the entire industry. We will focus
much of our attention on traffic that takes up space and eats
advertisers dollars but is so poor that all domains are devalued and so
are our earnings. Yet, many are selling this traffic that Can't Really
Add Profits
(C.R.A.P.) and the cost to any professional domainer
sending bona fide type in traffic is high. No matter how you spin it a
dollar earned from CRAP is a dollar right out of YOUR pocket. I think
when we meet head-to-head with GOOGLE on stage and you and I create a
dialog, you will hear it right from the horse's mouth. THAT'S WHEN you
might just understand just how much this activity is costing you and
me. If you are not looking for higher payouts, stay home. But I am
telling you THIS is the point in time to engage. We are doing our job,
but others are getting OUR MONEY! How long do you want to remain
passive? How long do you want your earnings to continue to erode?!

We have seen companies come and go now. Some quite large. Some
left destruction in their wake. Those focusing on trademarks and other
schemes and garbage traffic should be eliminated. If not, our way of
earning will continue to erode as GOOGLE's customer base for the domain
channel shrinks instead of expanding as it should. Don't take my word,
listen to the words right from Google. Folks with really good traffic
need to pay attention and learn how to isolate our traffic from the
garbage traffic. We know the conversions on type ins. Nobody can touch
it. But those numbers just get watered down when they mix in the CRAP.
There are so many advertisers that opt-out of the domain channel and
the ONLY reason is the CRAP they end up paying for. It hurts you, me
and Google plus it destroys future business.
means business and we are going to shine the spotlight on those
companies that are putting all of us at risk and costing us more than
you might imagine. If you want to get the most out of your legitimate
traffic it is time to expose those that are eating up the commissions
and at the same time leaving the advertiser little to show for their
money. This results in an entire industry losing its customer base
simply due to abuse. It is time to do what should have been done a long
time ago. Professional domainers with pure traffic need to separate
themselves from those with CRAP and Silicon Valley is the right place
to do it. Let adveretisers hear just how serious we take it. If we turn
a blind eye, we are no better than those with traffic that does not
convert to sales.
In addition we are going to have more networking opportunities than ever
before. A much looser schedule. Seminars will be limited unlike
previous shows and we will have just 2 auctions. We'll have some great
parties and the best food ever, but I will be the first to admit that
it won't be our focus. There is work to do and $$$ to be earned. We
don't do this for our health. We do it to move everyone forward. The
more oars in the water, the quicker we move. We have an opportunity to
demonstrate just how serious we are and why folks outside our channel
should pay attention and take a second look at what we do. A chance to
distance ourselves from the 'Cybersquatter' tag that some deserve but
professionals like us do not.
Now let's focus across the pond to TRAFFIC in Amsterdam.

We have decided to extend the deadline for the discounted
admissions for TRAFFIC ccTLDs until February 28. If you sign up now,
you can save yourself $500. Space is limited to 400 attendees.
Seriously, this looks like it is going to sell out so don't come to me
if you missed your chance to get admission tickets to the event. Rick
Latona and his crew are doing a bang up job on this show and there are
some big announcements still to come.
This is the first show of its kind! It is completely and totally
dedicated to the ccTLD market, and we have a lot of really great things
planned. We have speakers from the major ccTLDs committed and 3 days of
seminars, dinners, and lavish parties to attend.
If you have any interest
in ccTLDs this is the show NOT to miss this year! More information can be found
by going to www.targetedtraffic.com/cctlds
Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

PS: Just a note.....We have extended the group rates for Silicon Valley until tomorrow at 5PM.

4 thoughts on “T.R.A.F.F.I.C. presents”Industry Shake up and Wake up”

  1. Johnny

    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    I’ve been waiting for something like this to come along…..and you Rick are the perfect leader for this.
    I was screaming on DNForm and NamePros last year that we needed to do something, but the moderators and members kept shooting me down. I was spending more than two hours a day arguing with these guys and gals. I was outnumbered and not many folks would support me.
    I asked the moderators to delete sales threads where the most obvious TM domains were being sold. I called them out publicly on the boards and they would move my threads to obscure places on the boards. When I PM’d them directly they told me they don’t want to be domain police or TM police, and that is understandable, but I really don’t think they have a choice. They are harboring certain types of law breaking domainers on the boards b/c anything goes.
    I call on the Forums to step up to the plate and take a proactive stance against TM domains on their boards.
    Enough is enough!
    I salute you Rick for having the gonads to go against the grain and do what is right for everyone…..even the TM infringers b/c you may keep some of them out of hot water if they”see the light”, so to speak.

  2. wannadevelop.com

    I look forward to Traffic @ Silicon Valley… Dhould definitely be an interesting show.
    You got me seriously thinking about attending it…my first Traffic show ever.
    Hmm… seeing the look on some of the attendees faces when they get exposed is priceless :D
    How many companies are getting exposed?? The biggest abusers??! There list is quiet a long list…

  3. Sergej Lebedew

    Hello Rick,
    Amsterdam is very great city! I like Amsterdam.
    About .de ccTLD from Germany:
    With more than 12 millions registered Domains is .de ccTLD from Germany worldwide most successful ccTLD. In the German-speaking space holds .de a share of the market of 90% and is for private persons as well as for companies the base for a professional presence on the Internet.
    The most companies in Germany use .de ccTLD in combination with English words.
    Best regards from Germany,

  4. Bill

    The Amsterdam TRAFFIC discussion itinerary seems to be missing the two big North American ccTLDs – the .US and .CA extensions. Any reason for the omission or are they a focus in other sessions?


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