How to stop the bleeding and double your income in 48 hours

Morning folks!!

Payouts for PPC have been declining for quite a while now. Mini sites are
the rage and most of us have several of them operating. Maybe several hundred.
Maybe several thousand. But the results are mixed. I am still looking for my
first hit. It's not easy to create a success. Lately it has been more difficult.
Luckily solutions are on their way, Solutions that may bring back payout levels
and could easily double your current incomes. One such solution was reported by
yesterday. The new program will be unveiled at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. The show
starts one month from today.

This is not the only company bringing new solutions to the market. There
are several I know of and more in the pipeline. They will be unveiled at the show. The race is truly on. The heavy
lifting has begun. I think after the show it will be obvious that payouts have
bottomed out and earnings will once again rise. It is going to create some
interesting changes. These companies are aiming to double, triple and quadruple your incomes.

Howard and I are personally going to provide podium time to any company
that has a new solution. But it must be new and it has to have some credentials.
We will make the time for as many companies as possible for a 2-5 minute
elevator pitch why their program is the next thing to increase the bottom line
for our traffic.
But don't count out the ppc companies. My sources tell me they are also working on things to stem the tide. We all know how much of a decline we have seen. One new solution by any of these companies has the power to disrupt the entire sector. It could put companies out of business virtually overnight. The market is fragile and no sponsor could afford a mass movement of traffic and survive.

So can 2 days at TRAFFIC double your income? Yes it can. There has really never been more at stake.
Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

8 thoughts on “How to stop the bleeding and double your income in 48 hours

  1. Mike Cohen

    heh hehe hehe
    it’s good to have options, isn’t it ?
    domain mass development is not for all domains though… neither is parking.
    if only the domain owners could figure out what to do with their domains and what not to do…. ahhh we wouldn’t be having all the problems we are having to begin with.

  2. lookingforadsensealternatives

    Good point Mike, I was removed from the adsense program after only a few days of making some good money. Account closed, no money, no explanation from gargoogle. They should have a submission form to test your site before you submit it to ensure it is ok. The best results I have had are direct deals with suppliers paying me real commissions on actual sales. These minisites are great, but they all appear to be running google ads. If your adsense account was closed you might as well just put up a free wordpress template and start from there. Hundreds of free templates are avaiable at and lots of free help as well. Lets hope we get some real alternatives to adsense but so far it looks like focusing on one domain at a time has worked the best for me. Pick a niche industry, get the .com or your country extension, pick up the yellow pages (or google the subject) and start calling suppliers after your site is up. Slow but it works.

  3. Sergej Lebedew

    New platforms?
    By having content added to your landing pages you may be able to attain higher rankings in the search engines which in turn would drive more traffic to your domains.
    However you must have good keywords domains if you want make good money.


    Great post Rick. What most people don’t realize is that to get the kind of returns we all want, you have to put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (or pay someone to do it for you). There is no quick and easy way to dramatically increase your revenues, it takes work.
    Search engines are not stupid, if you don’t create a quality site and build backlinks they won’t reward you with good rankings in the long term. You may be able to do well for a few weeks with a mass-developed site that has scraped content, or using black-hat tactics, but it definitely won’t last.
    Domainers need to start thinking about the long haul and acting accordingly. Always running to the cheapest, easiest solution is not going to generate the kind of passive income we’re all striving for.
    Put in the time or money and you will be rewarded. There are no free lunches.

  5. Steve

    Whoever does this right will have domainers waiting in line to get in. Services that Charge domainers won’t win this battle. A simple”change your dns and start tweaking your sites solution” is what’s needed.
    First thing would be to End the”total dependency” on the two big upstream providers.
    Next, would be to have full blown, multipage, multimedia Parked Websites that monetize almost everything on the site.
    This would mean direct relationships with advertisers and”place your ad here” options.
    Next, would be to make sure these parked websites would be indexed in the search engines so traffic (and earnings) could build over time.
    Ironically, those search engines are the same upstream providers mentioned above. So, that could be a real problem.
    The big added bonus to all this is that it would allow domainers to hold onto their portfolios longer and wait for the masses of End Users that will surely someday come knocking.

  6. RF

    I have been using which is a free Minisite provider.
    You have to build it out yourself but so far so good I cant complain.
    On one site that I made $6 parking at sedo with little traffic has now got number one and number two term spots on many searches on Yahoo.
    I havent got Google fully there yet but that site that made $6 at parking over 6months makes between $4 – 8 per day now through adsense.
    I think minisites are the future if people who dont have traffic but own a keyword domain.
    Parking still has its place but I have found minisites also to be very useful.
    Good Post Rick!

  7. Successclick

    Nice article, Rick. I make indepth responses to your points at my blog at
    Mass development has a negative connotation to it, but it depends on how each domainer approaches each of their domains using each of the many different services available. Big point is…
    The time of”PPC revenue and stats” is over in appraising your domain, and even managing your domain for the future.


    Minisites not bad, but are lil’ bit expensive on the other hand compared to services used by freelance developers I reckon..


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