The great army of unorganized domainers

Good Morning Folks,

I have often told my 18 wheeler story. I will reprint at the end of this
post. I wish domainers knew the power they had. If they knew perhaps they could
harness it. So easy yet so impossible. Having 500 people achieve one goal. A big
goal. Any goal. Alone we do our thing. We survive and thrive. But why stop
there? Why not move mountains? Why not move mountains that have acted as
barriers not things of beauty. Of course we all know the answer. We could not
get past which mountain to move. So we are paralyzed and powerless.

As a group we reach every corner of the world. Our reach is wide. What we
can achieve is limitless. What would I like to do you ask if I had the power? It
really would not matter what, the only thing that would matter is that we could
duplicate many times over and in a variety of endeavors.

So this post is about nothing and everything. No real purpose. Just
imagining out loud what we could do. The power we do have. Just that power has
no power.

Have a Great Day!
Rick Schwartz

The 18 wheeler story……and the
crest of the hill.

My chatboard was founded based on
this story. Years ago many of us walked around searching for meaning. We knew we
had gold and diamonds but were not sure how to turn them to cash. So the net was
a true NET. We were forced to help and cooperate with each other for our very

I have always seen the way things
could and should unfold in a more uniform manner. Of course that is not possible
but the way I have always seen it is in this picture I draw.

IMAGINE there are 10 trucks. All
18 wheelers and all lined up parallel. NONE of them have the power to get over
the crest of this steep hill. Each truck has a driver and a helper. You see 10
trucks with drivers and you see 10 trucks with a guy behind it doing everything
he can to push the truck over the crest. ALL are failing. Not a one has budged.
They are stuck. Paralyzed in time.

The thing they don’t understand
is that they have the resources right there to change their destiny and overcome
the huge obstacle they are facing. Instead they are grumbling and frustrated and
are losing money by not getting the goods to where they need to go.

If they were to think a little
more unselfishly they could easily garner the power they need to get moving

What if…..What if you took 9 of
the 10 drivers and put them behind just ONE truck and what if you got all the
other 10 helpers to also push that one truck? Well you would get the result they
all wanted by cooperating and then they could go right down the line and REPEAT
the process and formula and push all the other 9 trucks until they are all
rolling again.

This is what I visualize all the
time when it comes to the net and in particular this board. I think if others
were also to see that it could create an interesting circumstance. I also think
the window of opportunity on this may have already passed. While the formula
will still work, it would have had more significance a few years back.

The day I created this story I
also had a vision for a way to apply it. Maybe there is still a way. We talk
about “Development” and I think that is what most of us ultimately are. Some
develop at different speed, at different levels and for different reasons.

I have had this vision for YEARS.
Since before I even opened this board, in which there could be an orderly level
of cooperation.

IMAGINE…..10 domainers with like
minds get together. Their mission is each month, develop one domain name owned
by one of the other members of the group and built by all other members as they
donate a little time and talent and knowledge to the effort. At the end of the
year each would have a site developed by some of the very sharpest people we
know with talents beyond most and 10 chances to hit pay dirt. Imagine dozens of
groups doing the same thing. Starting with a great domain, identifying a void,
figuring a way to profit from that void and creating something that we would be
proud of and move in a direction we all would like to go. We all have great land
and nails and wood and brick and cement in our arsenal. Together we can build
houses. Alone we may build frustration and feel like those truckers until they
figure it out.

This leads to other things and I
could see dozens of groups like this pulling this off. One domain at a time and
success after success after success.

Just a vision I have had for a
very long time and never have the mind or time or PATIENCE to put it on paper
and explain it in a way that could be understood and embraced. I know I have
tried several times. But I have not successfully articulated what is in my mind
and heart.

14 thoughts on “The great army of unorganized domainers

  1. Francois

    Yes Rick, united we are stronger.
    All this is looks logic except all domainers don’t have”great names” and those who have them often don’t have any other outstanding quality/expertise.
    So pools around domainers offering”great domains” and experts making it hapen maybe makes more sense and will be more efficient.

  2. f p

    Well said as usual. Also here is a comment from an up and coming domainer/developer as I feel this may be one of the only boards that”get it” with the future of the U.S…develop the names that would thrive in depression as well as a good economy..Also, develop names that would thrive in an environment where we are forced as a country to turn over hard assets to the Chinese and middle east.
    We have been looted by a connected few and the holders of our dollars and treasuries have come to collect..that being said, even in a new world order, the right domains developed could be more powerful businesses than ever..

  3. Altaf

    Excellent Expression!
    ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall.’
    Your vision would have come thru’ if all other drivers put their efforts sincerely and behind the weaker. But alas! we are selfish by nature. So we do not wanna think to help each other.
    We wish your vision comes true!
    Rick, for that end,, could think to reopen the Board again please?Of course I personally do not know your best reason behind its closure.
    Have a Nice Day!

  4. Tia Wood

    I like this line of thinking, Rick. Ideally, that would work but we all know partnerships are difficult to manage. So, just in case you move forward with something like this, remember to cover your butt.

  5. Terence Chan

    I doubt one month is enough to do the trick, Rick. Plus the fact that too many cooks can often spoil the soup.
    I’m not sure, perhaps you are talking more of consolidation in thinking about a specific business model, rather than the actual construction itself?

  6. UFO.ORG

    Collaboration is the word. The only effective collaboration on a cost benefit basis would be people with unique skill sets or resources, as an elite club.
    Geo cities and so forth look to be those sorts of alliances. Don’t forget collaboration can also be”barter” where favors are done and reciprocated.

  7. Jay Lohmann

    Pulling my SEO truck up to the line.
    I’ve entered into several strategic partnerships over the last few years and have found ways to make most of them work as long as greed is kept at bay. Always seeking more potential partners.
    Great post, Rick.
    Jay Lohmann

  8. DuongTrung

    Dear Mr. Ricks,
    I really love your :”The 18 wheeler story……and the crest of the hill.” I am a pharmacist, and I don’t have any HTML knowlegde. But I had the same ideas before. I thought that all the codes behind the webpresence is just like the pharmaceutical raw materials, what needed is to make them into tablets, capsules, syrups, . . . with what ever color-like.
    So, if you form the group or groups, let put me in. I can do some art works, in-put the contents, . . . from Viet Nam!

  9. DuongTrung

    Dear Mr. Rick,
    More on your”18 wheels story”.
    I am far and so new to the industry. But may I share you a feasibility study to put not only few of the domainer to live websites, but for millions of domains. In my opinion, this project will not only change domains, but it would change the world in some aspect, and put millions of tiny businesses and family world wide online!
    Just invest in a Web-Production Factory. What needed is the primary investment and then it can run profitably.
    I have spend months on making that project that I still keep in hand. If you don’t bother, I will send you a copy for your reference and blow your sound experineces into it to make it happen.
    My email:
    Family website:

  10. Descriptive Media

    I would love to see an army of ten domainers selling a name for a month and moving on to the next members domain, let someone else develope the domain, thats a vision. The group can then buy as a group also.

  11. David Michaels

    Domain name owners need UDRP insurance. It costs $10,000 to properly respond to a UDRP. Filing a claim under the ACPA is even more expensive. While I don’t consider myself a domainer, l own more than a few domain names like most entrepreneurs.


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