Rick’s Sunday Funnies

Rick's Sunday funnies,

Morning Folks!!

Welcome to what may become an institution on the net. Then again this may be the only Sunday this ever runs. You will decide the fate.

I have an idea for a column each Sunday called Ricks funnies. Each week I will ask posters to submit the stupidest thing they saw this week. It could be in domains, business, politics or just some mistake a local business made.

In that spirit please list your example. My example this week is this idea. What a stupid idea. The chances of it working are minimal. But it is up to you, not me whether this works or not. Have at it.

Have a Funny Sunday!
Rick Schwartz

13 thoughts on “Rick’s Sunday Funnies

  1. Scott Alliy

    Here’s a great one. We could not stop laughing… We call it proof the Stimulus is working!
    Great jobs (tongue in cheek) are indeed being created. Heres the deal
    Local government banned thousands of homes for sale signs stuck in the ground around Houston each weekend.
    In response home sellers have hired people who stand on street corners with large arrow shaped cardboard signs pointign in the direction of communities with homes for sale.
    Not sure what the job growth path would be, maybe being awarded a busier intersection or one near a convenience store with a rest room LOL

  2. Terence Chan

    This was a Sunday post on Adage.com regarding iPhone Apps. The funny part was, I thought it was Rick writing this …
    Is this Much Ado About Nothing?I haven’t heard of ONE major advertiser sales-success story based in the borrowed-interest of iphone apps.The only important killer app for turning a billion cellphones into $ELLPHONES is being able to sum up a Big Idea in a few words that fit on a tiny screen.Obama did it w/ONE word:Change.(It also brought in a zillion votes(by actual count) and a GAzillion dollars (also by actual count).The only commercial advertiser w/good enough line is the one w/JUST DO IT.Who is that? The other reason we know this works is IN GOD WE TRUST which is printed on the item all this is really about…money.

  3. Ed

    Dumbest idea ever:
    Rick Schwartz retires from blogging.
    [You don’t owe it, but-
    When you know so much, when you’re so knowledgeable and lucid that just 5 minutes at a keyboard can yield a real, no bs post, that can edify earnest followers, you should.]
    – @Ed

  4. walter

    Question: In the George Bush image is that a framed pic of himself? (or worse Tony Blair?-)

  5. Altaf

    George W. Bush who made it all mess,(sitting in Texas Ranch) laughs at B.H. Obama
    “Boy! find out the maze!” ‘All the king’s men, Couldn’t fix the puzzle again!”

  6. James

    In response to Walter’s question above: yes, it’s Tony Blair – Bush’s staff can point to it when he’s on the phone to remind him who he’s talking to…

  7. Successclick

    Hmmm… that’s what we need right now, a new internet publication by one of the most powerful and successful people in the domain industry asking for examples of”stupidity”, then posting comments with photos obviously photoshopped.
    Rick, you’re really above this type of exploitation, aren’t you?

  8. Sunday Fry Up

    Here’s a FOUR LETTER ACRONYM TO REMEMBER when you haven’t anything useful to say on the question posed…

  9. Robin M Holy

    If ya liked Bush, in Texas, then you’ll Love the lil Bird in Victoria, a Metro City, he’s 100% mentally disabled, and running for City Council.
    He’s saying, MoveItOnOver. . .
    yeaha Texas Size


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