How to stop the Bleeding and Double your income in 48 Hours. Feather Ruffling Finale

Morning Folks!!

Let's start Part 2 where Part 1 left off. 'One new solution by any of these companies has the power to disrupt the entire sector. It could put companies out of business virtually overnight. The market is fragile and no sponsor could afford a mass movement of traffic and survive.'

Why is this important? Because it is very likely to happen. Now I will give a word of advice to those working on these solutions. 10% or 20% increase won't cut it. It's like a stock broker picking a stock for a 5% annual return after you just watched your portfolio drop fro $1 Million to to $100,000. You would have to live 100 or 200 years to break even. So they fall short. They need to focus on companies that go up 1000%. So if a domain was making you $100 and it is now making you $20, a 20% increase is just not the target. 100%, 200%, 500%. That solution IS coming.

So what happens the DAY that solution comes? We already know PPC companies have been slammed because just as I predicted last year, domainers would begin to develop and move their PRIME domains away from PPC. So you have companies fighting over a shrinking pie. Some of these companies are in financial trouble as I write this. A body blow like this would be a knockout punch.

Last years I asked who would be the first to do a Bear Stearns? I think that answer is slowly coming to reality. The folks I know are not sitting idly by and watching their earnings melt. They are reaching out and doing many different projects. We are all looking for that new light. When that happens, and it will, you will witness the total disruption of the industry and a new crop of solutions will come to dominate. In the meantime domainers are busy building and each site built is traffic ppc will likely never see again.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz