TRAFFIC Mystery guest Revealed. The Man Responsible for YOUR Livelihood!

Good Evening Folks!!

Want to meet the guy that is responsible for all of our success? He will be joining us in Silicon Valley and you can thank him yourself! Dr. Paul Mockapetris is a guy we can all walk up and thank in just a few days. There is no question that without his contribution most of us would have never been here.

Twenty years ago, Paul Mockapetris designed the Domain Name System
(DNS), which allows users to enter names (such as instead
of numeric network addresses to locate people and resources on the
Internet. Today, the DNS is the Internet's database of Web and email
addresses and is being embedded into new applications, such as ENUM for
IP telephony. Dr. Mockapetris defined the DNS protocol and created its
initial implementation. With Dr. Jon Postel and others at University of
Southern California's Information Sciences Institute (ISI) and SRI, he
deployed the initial root server system and coordinated with other
researchers the implementation of DNS on all Internet operating
systems. At ISI, he also implemented the first SMTP email server.

A member of the IEEE, Dr. Mockapetris has chaired the Internet
Engineering Task Force and has received the University of California at
Irvine's distinguished alumnus award. He is chief scientist and
chairman at Nominum in Redwood City, Calif.
Paul, on behalf of all domainers, THANK YOU!
Have a GREAT Evening!
Rick Schwartz

Dominos and Domains

Morning Folks!!

Do you know how to provoke thought? Can you provoke discussion? Can you make a domino fall without touching it? Can you make the middle domino fall without touching any of the others and making them fall? Oh, you probably never thought about that. When you do, you stretch your mind. You enlarge the boundaries. You may see things as others deal with it.

About 20 years ago a phenomenon started to unfold. Less people worked for other people as they began to work for themselves and profits in some sectors began to fall. That is something that has continued for all this time. The race to the bottom has had its costs. The race to unprofitability. Many question why I focus so much on sales. Well, if you have read some of my posts over the years you will have heard me time and time again state that nothing in this world happens until a sale is made. Not a factory opens, not a worker goes to work. Not a truck makes a pickup. Not a truck makes a delivery. No money has changed hands and so no sales = a standstill. Sounds kinda like the auto industry huh?

So to me there are two types of traffic. Traffic that can convert to a sale and traffic that can’t convert to a sale. One is EXTREMELY valuable and you could say the other is worthless. It’s worthless when one expects to buy that traffic to make sales and ends up with nothing but a bill Last time I looked, most businesses buy traffic to make sales. Why> Read above again.

Now worthless traffic does not have to be worthless if it is marketed and labeled correctly. If you sell gum, you may want to buy million and zillions of worthless traffic at a fraction of the cost of the traffic that is targeted because the price is so low that any business you get at all makes it profitable. Meanwhile the guy paying for the premium traffic is not having his equation work for him. How many times do you think a buyer of traffic needs to be stung and lose money before he does not buy again? So whether you want to deal with something like that is up to you. But at least be sensitive to the reality of what is happening and the direct effects you may experience without ever being near that “Domino.”

To me it is a clear difference and is a quite stunning difference. Like drinking a nice cold glass of sparkling clear water and feeling great and refreshed and wanting a second glass and drinking some sewer water and spitting it all up. How many times you think they are gonna buy that crap? Each time that happens it taints another group, another business,another industry, another opportunity. Wrong direction. Wrong outcome. JMO.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz