It’s show time!! T.R.A.F.F.I.C. STARTS TODAY!

Morning Folks!!
It's show time!!
WELCOME to TRAFFIC XV. As with the 14 shows before
this, each and every one has been very special. This is only our second
time in Silicon Valley. The hub of tomorrow. The future of the future.
My prediction is that you are about to see one of the most productive
shows ever. Those with cash, those with overheads that are manageable,
those with a true understanding of what makes times like this the BEST
TIMES, will emerge so much stronger. I can't stress enough that while
times are as challenging as they are, those that rise to the occasion
are rewarded. Many folks I know consider the last few years a time
where anyone could make money. In this period things are a bit
different and you have to go deep in your soul to overcome the obvious
tendencies to clam up, hide and take a fearful approach.
This may not be out biggest show ever, but I will tell you here and
now, just hours before it opens, that you will see an intense show with
a lot of news, a lot of deal making and a couple auctions that will
show there is plenty of life left in what we all do and love. How you
approach the next months will likely determine your futures for the
next decade and perhaps beyond that.
Have GREAT Day!
WELCOME to Silicon Valley!
Rick Schwartz