TRAFFIC Announces”Appraiser of the Year Award Contest” Winner/Spouse to come to TRAFFIC for FREE!

Morning Folks!!
With the great success of the contest, we decided to go one step further.
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. will be giving a new award come the fall at the New York
TRAFFIC Show. The 'Appraiser of the Year Award' will be given for the first time, along with
FREE tickets for you and your significant other to the show, to the domainer that correctly predicts and comes
closest to the following TOTAL sales price of the domains listed below. 3
domains by Moniker. 3 domains by Rick Latona Auctions.
The person in the industry that comes closest to the actual TOTAL selling
price of these 6 domains at the Silicon Valley show will be named….”Appraiser of the Year”
among your peers. You can post your appraisals right here no later than midnight
Monday. In case of tie, the first appraisal posted will be declared the
winner. You can go over the total, but you must be the closest.
So folks, this is a time to show you know your stuff. Plain and simple for those that step up and dare to be on record. How good is your gut? How sharp are your predictions? Are you really as good as you think??
The names are the following:
From Moniker: $1k-$5k
Reserve NO RESERVE $1k-$5k

From Rick Latona NO RESERVE $50k Reserve $15k Reserve
One entry per domainer, IP, or email.
Let the GAMES begin!
Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz