The Gift of Gut…….Rick Style

Morning Folks!!
These last few posts have been fun to watch others get involved and do
something that is interesting and also rewarding. It is also something that I
do. It is MY regime on exercise. I exercise my GUT. (Not my stomach as
that is a few inches larger than I would like) See the way to hone your
gut is doing what we are doing by predicting something with little or
no consequence whatsoever. But it gives you a chance to strengthen that
part of our beings that few even think about. And after the
fact.....what did we get right. What did we get wrong? What was the
reason for either. In some cases you will be spot on. That is what this is about.
Being 'Spot on' when it does count. So practice is what this is about.
If you want to be good at something it is ALL about practice. And to
practice is real world settings is a much higher standard.
Bottom line, This is how to hone the gut. The gut that can know more in
a split second than a team of geniuses working at it for a year. That
is what gut is all about. Split second decision and knowing it is
pretty darn close to being exactly right.
So just a little reason behind the madness and the obvious and maybe
even a little gift. All disguised as a contest to win something free
and get an award doing it. The real reward is something few will ever
see or understand. I hope this sheds a bit of light on it.
Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz