History tells the Future and HERE is Rick’s guide to do it yourself.

Morning Folks!!

Follow smart people's lead or follow fools. That is an everyday choice. I am an Einstein fan. He said 'Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.' I look to the past to get ALL the answers to the future. And looking at the past you look to events and people. If I had one gift that I could give everyone reading this it would be to let them know, understand and HARNESS the powers they possess. The mistaken notions most folks walk around with keep them in a prison of mediocrity. They look to the future to find answers that are already written in history.

Sometimes we sit in our solitude and get a bit detached. Sure, we may read the blogs, the posts, the news, but whether we want to recognize it or not it takes a little something out of us as well. Juice in our batteries sometimes is at lower points than at others. I wonder what the value of motivation is? The value of getting energized. The value of staying out in front. The value of seizing opportunity when there is opportunity.

You may notice throughout my writings, that the word I use often is “Opportunity.” See while some look to make money, I look for opportunity which is a way to make fortunes. Folks, it is time to raise your game and Howard Neu is about to help you.

At each show both Howard and I write a “Welcome letter” to the attendees of TRAFFIC. When Howard sent me his over the other day, it really had a lot of impact and I don’t think it will do it justice sitting inside the program. So I am going to pre-empt his message and print it right here and right now for you to read. The next 90 seconds will energize you and after taking a deep breath, you will understand why our focus is on this one word. “Opportunity.”

“Call me a Pollyanna, but where others see gloom, doom and despair, I see profits, hope and the opportunity to expand and grow. When houses that were selling just a year ago for $1 million and more can now be gotten for under $600,000, THAT’S OPPORTUNITY! When newspapers and magazines are folding and cutting back left and right and the internet is thriving, THAT’S OPPORTUNITY! When more and more people from pre-teen to senior citizens are regularly posting on Facebook and Twitter bringing more and more traffic to the web, THAT’S OPPORTUNITY! When retail establishments are filing for bankruptcy and their competition is selling like mad on the internet because they don’t have the tremendous overhead that goes with brick and mortar establishments, THAT’S OPPORTUNITY! When like-minded serious businessmen and businesswomen who happen to be Domain Investors meet together and network at T.R.A.F.F.I.C., THAT’S OPPORTUNITY!
So Welcome to Opportunity Central! T.R.A.F.F.I.C. has always meant business, and today, more than ever, big business will be conducted here in SILICON VALLEY. It will be conducted in the corridors, the lobby of this beautiful hotel, the restaurants and parties that are planned, because T.R.A.F.F.I.C. means business.
I want to thank Divyank Turakhia and the whole gang from SKENZO who have made this conference possible. Thanks also to MONIKER and RICKLATONA for the premium auctions of first-rate domains. Thanks also to PARKED for our closing party and to all the sponsors and exhibitors who knew how important it is to be here. Finally, thanks to Rick and Alina, Barbara and Ray for all of their hours of hard work to make this conference and expo a success.”
Best wishes to all,
Howard Neu, Chief Operating Officer

So folks.....Nothing I can really add to that. Either you get the message or you don’t. Either you rise to the OPPORTUNITY or you don’t. Either you recognize opportunity or you don’t. Either you do what you need to do to get through this rough patch or you don’t. I have told one story many times over the years. The time I could not afford to fly to Asia. But I could not afford not to go. So I went. I was scared. I was in debt. That risk was the single point that changed my life. I DARED to reach higher than ever at the very time where I could afford it least. Which was why I could not afford not to reach higher than ever. The one thing nobody can afford to do is not listen to Einstein. When the bicycle stops moving, it STALLS. On a bike you fall down. In an airplane you are likely to crash. In business a stall will likely make you go out of business. Give it some gas bub.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Get Ready to RUUMMMBBLLEE!!!!!!! Shows.com to be auctioned with NO RESERVE!

Morning folks!!

Tip of the hat this morning to Rick Latona as he is putting in Shows.com with no reserve. THAT my friends, is an auction! That is what excitement is made out of. Trust the market to set the price. Allow the audience to compete for a GREAT domain name. I predict the bidding action will be the best in a long time.

In my mind there are two types of auctions. Auctions of desperation like a bankruptcy auction and auctions that sell things in demand and of value like an art auction. Too often we have looked like a bankruptcy auction as opposed to an art auction. Domains like this change that. Not having the great inventory was a product of a good economy. Great inventory is a product of this downturn.

Like I stated, I am not into pimping domains. However I will point out the obvious. Both Moniker and Rick Latona have domains that I believe will insure they both break the 7 figure mark and then some. They both have GREAT domains with NO RESERVES! This will PROVE to the industry that it is the VENUE that counts. That it is the inventory that counts. The audience that counts. Also, maybe they will stop blaming the economy for failed auctions. An economy like this makes auctions STRONG not WEAK! It brings gems and bargains to the market. So while the economy is weak, making the link to the past failed auctions are not linked. So don’t believe it for even a split second. Great domains at market prices will always bring sales and lots of bidding.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz