The Greatest Tipping Point in History!

Morning Folks!!

If you don't think we are in historical times, then don't read any further. At this point there will be nothing I can say to convince you. Not only are we in times of history, we are entering a tipping point. The next 6 months will be the wildest and most crucial days we have seen financially and there is a pretty damn good chance that we will see the same things happening politically. Things are moving so fast that they can not even be reported on. Things we may pay dearly for in the future by not paying attention now.

Now we may dodge a bullet, but even if we do it is a bullet we will have to deal with again and again and again. Interesting that folks see my posts as doom and gloom sometimes. But I NEVER see dealing with REALITY anything but imperative in any situation. Knowing the perils trump knowing anything else. Survival is always key. If you don't survive, you have no way to thrive.

In my life I have worked for a number of people. Some did not pay me. Some screwed me out of millions. Some took valuable time away from me. Some kept me from breaking out much sooner. But when I look back at those days and those situations and those people, I only remember the things I gained. The good things. The silver lining. I never had time to carry that baggage of anger with me. Only time for the lessons I learned and the things I could apply in the future.

So while the economy is in turmoil, deal with it! Don't deny it. Figure out how these times are going to make your life better because of the new opportunities coming and that are out there right now. I can tell you without question that there has NEVER been more opportunity then there is right now. Never! But if some don't have the keen eye to recognize opportunity, then maybe it is not there for them. But only them.

Folks have a choice. I am just illustrating that choice. If you look at my writing over the years I repeatedly say I LOVE times like this. THIS is the time that fortunes are made and fortunes are lost. The ones losing fortunes did not take the peril seriously when they could. The ones making fortunes are being careful,savvy and are pouncing on opportunity after opportunity. They are likely to pay dividends for a lifetime.

So my posts are anything but doom and gloom. They are a road map to deal with reality and come out of this era in much better shape than you entered it.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz