My Response to Someone who deserves no Response. Apologies to WhyPark

Here is the post I made on a certain blog today when that blogger WRONGLY complained and accused me of not posting his comments on this blog. Anyone can go back and plainly see I post all his less than flattering posts as well of that of others.

So here is the post that I posted on his blog to set the record straight.

Just for the record 'Friend'......I posted EVERY response you ever made to my blog. Most of them were nasty, some were two faced. But no matter how the tone of those responses were I have posted EVERY single one. I figure if you want to make a fool of yourself, why not let you. So I post ALL of them!
Sooo....if a post had an error, it was NOT with me not accepting the post.
As for kicking you off the board years ago that you repeatedly bring up.....Get over it big boy.
As for WhyPark....I talk with experience. I used that service. My income was cut by 66% and I have NEVER gotten paid for that traffic. So THERE you go! Not ignorance, experience.
Rick Schwartz

So be a man and print a retraction. I don't want an apology. I have found that apologies from you are time limited and worthless.

Update: I want to apologize to Craig Rowe of After a number of emails it was determied it was NOT that I ran the test with. Craig helped me to remember the company when I told him the circumstances surrounding the test which I believe closed down not too long ago. Also the post that ignited all this has been rightfully retracted. Time to move on. None of this back biting ever made a domainer a single penny. The real crime is the waste of time and energy.

Domain Auctions about to Heat up!

Morning Folks!!
Everyone copies success. When they don't
measure up that dilutes success.

The reason the TRAFFIC auctions do well is the
audience. Plain and simple. Quality audience matched with quality domains and
domainer prices not those of the end user. That's the recipe we invented and
that is the recipe that everyone keeps trying to copy but results speak for

See I am of the belief that no matter how bad
things are, when a great domain comes to market and the market is allowed to set
the price, then the wallets come out. This has happened for centuries, not just
domains. It is human nature. Now the folks with the fat wallets are not stupid.
They can afford to wait and focus on premium, life changing, domains. They do
not buy all the stuff in sight. At least I don't. In times like this you can
afford to be choosy and that is exactly what is happening. Why waste money on
mediocre domains when you can snag a gem out there at reasonable prices? So a
domainer has responsibility. The bidders have a responsibility. The auction
houses have a responsibility and of course Howard and I have a responsibility.

So I would urge everyone to understand how
things unfold. How things could be looked at differently. The bottom line is
that the aftermarket is about to heat up like never before. Circumstance is
deciding who., what and where. But make no mistake, we are entering a fantastic
period to acquire domain names. Some even come with businesses attached.

Point is things take time to evolve. When the
equation changes so do the attitudes. But some times attitudes can fool you. The way you look at the same situation thru different eyes and different view points
can produce different feelings of the exact same situation. As we saw this weekend, just the sale of one domain can change the perception of an entire auction. Some don't believe
in silver linings. I do.

Have a GREAT Day!