Here is WHY Domainers are getting SCREWED…Google and Yahoo pay for CORPSES!

Morning Folks!!

It's April 15th and maybe money counts more today than yesterday. So let me take a moment to tell each and every one of you reading this that has legit traffic is getting screwed and tattooed. Some of you don't even care. Maybe today you care just a tad more. After you read this you are going to be outraged.

I really hate when the media spreads misinformation. I truly believe the foundation of a free country is a free media that is factual. Anything less is not acceptable except everyone seems to accept it when they should except it. Does that make sense?

People then make decisions on misinformation. Beliefs via misinformation. I have never seen it worse then it is right now. Mark Twain wrote something to the effect…..”A lie can spread around the world before the truth can put its boots on.”

The point is if you don’t demand the truth, you’ll never get the truth. If you don’t demand facts, you’ll never get facts. If you don’t demand that crap traffic is not mixed with valuable traffic you’ll always be paid the rates that the crap traffic gets and NOW I am going to PROVE it.

I am going to continue to speak out about crap traffic. What’s the difference? Well, here it is.

A targeted clickthrogh is when you hand deliver a visitor that has an interest in something fairly specific. If you load up a Greyhound Bus with 55 people wanting to go to the casino that have money and are ready to gamble, then you hand deliver them to the casino, THAT is targeted traffic. That is the traffic type-ins and real traffic are. Then there is the crap traffic. These people and companies in THIS INDUSTRY load up the bus with 55 CORPSES that can never gamble again. WE BOTH GET PAID THE SAME!!!!!!

So these folks that disguise themselves as registrars and sponsors and domainers that could care less are costing folks with REAL traffic a FORTUNE. Now those are the FACTS! Those are the facts as I see them and I will repeat them often until Google, Yahoo and all our sponsors start figuring out the difference and I will get on the stage at TRAFFIC and articulate these thoughts for all to see for years to come. It is TIME to DEMAND that this STOPS. Google and Yahoo need to pay attention. THEY are enabling folks to do this by not understanding the real difference. They are enabling registrars and sponsors to do this. They are, perhaps unknowingly and unintentionally, SCREWING their own retail customers out of something that they don't really know about or understand to the degree they should imo. So I am saying it out loud so maybe folks will think about and discuss while they call me all types of names. And at the end of the chain are the domainers that have THE MOST POTENT TRAFFIC IN THE WORLD being mixed with CORPSES!!! That provides results and ratios that are skewed.
Now maybe you never looked at it quite this way. I use the word 'Corpse' as an extreme because it might as well be a
corpse if the chances of converting that visitor to a sale are nil. AND
THEY ARE! And we all know it! But now that I have illustrated it in the most elementary and dramatic terms, what is going to change? When? What's the excuse for letting even one more day pass with this practice in place? To me, doing it for just 5 minutes after you are aware of it is unconscionable. Year after year I have watched this abuse and with all the meeting and all the discussions 'Corpse traffic' is getting none of us where we need to go. Guess I won't be making many friends today. It's easy to be popular, just shut up, say nothing of substance, challenge nothing. Look the other way. The worst part is I probably only speak for the core domainers with that pure traffic while there are much more corpse traffic that folks are making money with. Retailers would be happy with what I said but they don't know I am even saying it or why. Maybe some day. Google and Yahoo? Who knows what goes on in their minds and meetings. All I can do is try and let them know the difference and how seriously those of us with really good traffic take it. Maybe they never looked at it in this light. Maybe we all need to. All I am saying is isolate that 'Corpse traffic' and sell it as a different grade. That should be the happy medium to make all corpses and buyers happy. ;-) No wonder some opt out of the domain channel. It isn't about the domain traffic, it is about the corpse traffic that makes targeted traffic have much less value. It is just one small diamond mixed in with a ton of sand.

Yes, these are extremes but untargeted traffic has the same value as a corpse to somebody buying that traffic trying to make a sale and obtain a new customer. Now if you don't care about that part of the equation , you should. THAT is what produces supply and demand. That supply and demand is what produces the payouts. The competition for good traffic is what drives up prices and profits. Just LABEL the traffic. Grade the traffic not just for the eyes but for the wallet and educate the end user on the differences. Why do that? If we don't, next year on April 15th, you won't owe much in taxes because payouts will continue to erode and worse. The only ones that can really demand this is Google and Yahoo. I learned long ago only a vey few sponsors are willing to do that. Now with $$ tight and businesses on the line, how low will some go to survive?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz